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    I would like to start completely from scratch with the Mandigo Theme. I lost my blog due to some over-zealous code removal. (my blog is quite new so not much was lost that I cannot remember) I (of course) don’t have my Theme backed up, so I was thinking if I just uninstall my account, and then re-install, all the defaults would be back to original. Am I way off on this? If not, how do I un-install? I can’t seem to find any instructions for this. Thoughts anyone?
    Thanks, Karen

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  • Check your previous topic, I replied to it regarding the header.php which might save you the time. By the way, dont completely wipe your wp installation, as it is the theme you messed up, not the wp itself. If anything else (after reading this topic again), simply remove the theme and reupload it.

    You don’t really need to uninstall. If you messed up the source code, then just delete it (keeping your config.php and upload directory). Then upload new source code…add your config.php file and your upload directory in the same location as they were in the old and you should be back in business with all of your content.

    If the tables in your database were corrupted, then you could open your config.php file and change the table prefix to something different. Then when you visit your site a new set of tables will be created and you will have a new, empty blog…this isn’t ideal, but it will (should) work and you’ll just have an extra set of tables in your database…no big deal.

    Edit: Agee with the previous poster…if you only messed up your theme, then just change themes and that should fix the problem. If it does, then just delete Mandigo and upload a fresh copy.

    Thanks everyone! I will work on all that. I suppose that wasn’t the best theme for a newbie to start with. It’s just so pretty 🙂

    Using the theme is not the issue, continue to use it! When something goes wrong though, like it has, don’t panic and wipe everything. Themes are easy enough to restore unless you’ve done some major changes to it (which you have not, and I have added to your last topic the needed changes you want), but if you are making such deep changes to a theme you will have learned how to fix these things.

    WHy not just download the theme here. Upload it before you try anything else.

    If it isn’t just your theme you should just be able to upgrade anyway. First, make sure you backup your entire public_html folder. Then backup your mysql database. So if something does go wrong you will have everything.

    Rename your wp-content folder to wp-content-bkup and your wp-config.php file to wp-config.php-bkup.

    Download the latest wordpress and upload all files except wp-content and and wp-config.php.

    Don[‘t forget to change the name of your wp-config-bkup and wp-content-bkup back to normal.

    Your site should now work and depending on what version of wp you are using it will update your tables when you login. Just say ok if it asks to update tables. 🙂

    Sorry this is the correct link for the above comment

    Thanks everyone. Crisis averted! I ended up creating a new account, selected Mandigo theme, copied it, deleted Header code in original account, and pasted theme from new account. Might be a little convuluted but so far so good. Thanks for all the help! You guys are the best.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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