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  • Well, after 2-3 weeks of struggling with WP both on my host and locally I received an absolutely brilliant response/advisory from the only one on the forum that fully comprehends my end-product goal.

    And WP just isn’t the platform, period.

    I am, though, concerned about deleting it and MAMP. There are files in SO many folders I don’t know where to start (after getting the host running NONE of the local pages run – so if there is an uninstall file I would not chance it).

    Is there a written procedure that includes verification checks for uninstalling both packages?

    Part of the concern is that WP inserted some hooks without telling me – example: if I “open” a php file Adobe GoLive from CS2 opens it. I DO NOT want to kill CS2 old but has everything I need).

    Please advise – thanks.

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  • Part of the concern is that WP inserted some hooks without telling me

    I can promise you that is not the case. WP does not create any local file associations on your PC.

    The folks who support MAMP can best tell you how to remove their product. I’d guess it has an uninstaller of some sort? Go ahead and get that uninstalled first — that’ll take care of any MySQL and Apache services/daemons you’ve got running. The MySQL uninstall should remove your WP database as well.

    Once that’s done just delete the local WordPress directory you created.

    Sorry it didn’t work out.

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