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    I have a quedtions which have been asked before. How do you uninstall AAM plugin and restore database strings to before installation of AAM. I’d installed another plugin to administer som rights but that plugin screwed my user role settings so bad that it took me about a day to recover. The database still have some leftovers from the plugin which I don’t know if I’m to delete or keep.

    Please advice

    Best regards

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  • Oh and btw if there isn’t an easy way to uninstall this plugin, just give me the prefix so I’ll have the possibility to find it in the database. Thanks

    Plugin Author Vasyl Martyniuk


    Hi Valdimarsson,
    Oh, I’m sorry you had a bad experience with AAM. This happens sometimes if you are playing with user roles and capabilities.

    All parameters, related to AAM are stored with prefix wpaccess_
    Well AAM has also Restore default feature which could save you your “pain” day. During activation the original roles and capabilities are stored to database in case of any issues. And you could use it to restore settings.

    Appreciate your feedback.

    You misunderstood. I haven’t installed your plugin just yet. It was another plugin which ruined my database. Members or something like it. Haven’t tried your plugin yet but I’ll give it a try now. 😉 thanks for the reply 😀

    I’m having trouble and wanted to restore my original settings. But I can’t find where to do it. Can you help me out?

    The reason is that I think it’s blocking a new plugin that I need called WPMU Membership.

    I have 2 people set up a admins as well. Could this be a problem?

    And finally, even now, with my current settings, as admin I can’t seem to delete any uploaded media, yet a new role I created can though it has less privileges.

    Plugin Author Vasyl Martyniuk


    Hi hop2us,
    There is a Restore Default button. It is arrow next to Save button. Select your Administrator Role and click restore default.
    Also make sure that all capabilities are selected for your Administrator Role.


    I have all the capabilities set for the admin after I reset (they were all selected as well before the restore)

    I still can only “View” any uploaded media.

    Only the new role of Store Manager can edit or delete images

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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