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    I installed the plugin and tried activating it. However, it caused too many redirects and hence I had to FTP–> change plugin folder name (which deactivated the plugin) and then deleted it using the backend (Which I could access after I deleted the plugin).

    However, the plugin has left some content in the wp-content/uploads folder which includes one .htaccess file and index.php file and 404s folder having one more index.php and .htaccess file.

    Hence my question is :

    1. Is it safe to delete these leftover files using FTP?

    2. Did the plugin leave anything in the database? If so, how to remove it?

    3. How to remove any log files left over (if any) ? If leftover, can you please specify log file location (Either ftp path or url to acccess and delete as admin or database table name? )

    The plugin did get activated (hence caused the redirect issue) and I have no idea if it made database entries under the few short minutes I used it. Can you please guide how to erase all track from the database and files of the site?

    Btw, the plugin is awesome for functionality πŸ™‚ It is my site which has a lot of cache /reverse proxy and a bit complicated setup maybe.

    Thanks a lot in advance.



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    Hello @wp_begginer_pri,

    Thank you for trying our plugin and sorry to hear you had such issues. It is a first that we hear about the redirects upon activation. Maybe you can expand a bit more on that?

    In regards to your questions:

    1) The plugin creates three tables in the database in which it stores the setting and the WordPress activity log. You can read all the tech details in the WP Security Audit Log plugin database use.

    If you do not intent to use the plugin again, you can safely delete the three tables the plugin uses.

    2) Files – the plugin created the /wp-content/wp-security-audit-log/ directory in which it stores a list of 404 errors etc. If you are not using the plugin you can safely delete this directory.

    3) The plugin supports reverse proxy setups etc so should you ever have the time and would like to try the plugin again, please do contact us. We’d like to see what could be causing these issues.

    Thank you very much for the positive feedback and for taking the time to report the issue.

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    This maybe really really late but I got really caught up.

    Thanks a lot for your information which helped me ensure that the site is back to Normal.

    We never got to test the plugin again and hence unfortunately cannot provide you a feed back about the issue. However, we might try it out in our test / staging sites just to investigate what went wrong the last time to better understand things. Will write here if I get any new information.

    Thanks a lot for your rapid help and excellent plugin πŸ™‚ I am marking this as resolved.

    Have a nice day.

    Best Regards,


    Plugin Contributor robertabela


    Thank you for getting back to us @wp_begginer_pri and for the positive feedback.

    Please do let us know if you run into any issues once you test the plugin again.

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