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    I asked this a few months ago, and got some helpful answers but it’s still just not clicking to me.

    All I end up with is convoluted messes with the .htaccess files getting screwed up causing 500 errors until I nuke .htaccess and let it create a new one.

    For my example, lets say I have three blog sites I would like to have one login for, and be able to pick which one a particular post ends up on, be it one, two or all three.

    But the core purpose of each site would be different. With each having it’s own theme and offerings. So, would plugins/other offerings such as one has a podcast associated with it, the other has a gallery, etc.

    Is this something that 3.0 can do with the networking enabled, be it multiple databases or a single. I don’t care. I’m using Dreamhost, which is not cPanel voodoo, and mirroring sites is something I’d like to avoid because I don’t want content from one URL to be available at the other, or to have the domain name change mid-stream.

    Basically, I’m looking for a unified backend with regards to admin/posts, but pages/plugins/themes are specific to the domain.

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    1) Install MultiSite in one domain. That will be your MAIN domain.
    2) Create sub sites for the other two blogs.
    3) Grab a plugin to let you post to multiple blogs at once. Like
    4) Configure them all how you want.
    5) Map domains to your subsite:

    re: #5 domain mapping.

    you still need to pick the Mirroring option on Dreamhost because that’s how they set it up.

    But the content will still only be one the ONE domain. Yes. I tried.



    Mirroring is virtual, so.. where does the content actually go then?

    I have not looked at the DNS on Dreamhost yet, but looking at the docs to the domain mapping plugin, it says not to do it where the ANAME record of the main domain isn’t an IP address, which Dreamhost does use.

    If I select mirror on Dreamhost I get no directory in the shell for that site, so where would I actually put content?

    On my account now I have one installation at:

    I have: set as a mirror of the top one. When I go to this one, it changes the URL to the other. It also lists a web directory in the web panel, but that directory does not exist in my shell. So, to me a mirror is virtual, and I can’t have content on the sub site.

    What I want to do is is have a blog in the root of the domain, and other content directly accessible from that domain, perhaps a mediawiki install on one, Gallery3 on another, etc. The mirror wouldn’t even allow me a place to install those, that I can tell, where as doing it with CNAMEs might. I have not tried it yet, which is also doable via Dreamhost.

    Mirroring is virtual, so.. where does the content actually go then?

    the sub sites are virtual too. They will not exist on the server.

    The virtualness all happens with the htaccess rules and the database. The domain mapping plugins actually makes the DH mirroring stuff work right on the second site.

    trust me. 😉



    Hmmm.. based on the first post description, as I simply don’t see how I can place content on there then.

    IE, (is the ‘main’)

    How would I install MediaWiki on the site 3 address when it’s not got anything in the shell to install to, and have it only be accessible from that domain. As it would have nothing to do with WordPress, but would be linked via plugin, and the same with Gallery3, that is a stand alone item that is also linked with a plugin.

    Or just upload some file with a static URL:, where would I actually put that? How would a mirror not be the same site?

    I gather that I then have control to say that XX plugin or theme is available to XX domain?

    You install the extra programs in the root off the main domain.

    yes, this makes them assessable to ALL domains, but then you put in some rewrite rules so the extra programs show up only on the domains you want.



    On plugins, does this mean that all the plugins are installed “active” (can’t think of a better term for it) on all the installs, too? – and that brings up the odds of the random DH 404 voodoo happening I suppose, too.

    Or are plugins enabled on a per-domain basis?

    I guess I better just make up a bogus domain and see what happens.

    Moderator Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)


    Lead Plugin Wrangler

    If you install a plugin an network activate it, then yes. Yes, it is on for all domains. Otherwise no.

    You install plugins in ONE folder. They are accessible from all sites, whether or not they are domain mapped.

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