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  • Okay. First, I’d like to point you to this entry in my ‘blog.
    A series of bugs or errors by fault of user have happened here. I’m not sure which to say it is. For record, I’m using the CVS build of WordPress, freshly pulled this afternoon (11 November 2003).
    Ralesk noted it (on the 5 November CVS build, except for the last issue), though I was aware…
    If you click on Comments on an entry that is separated by pages, and then click on a page, the links aren’t passed correctly.
    Try clicking on those page links. You’ll see that they get sent to
    mod_rewrite, and the archive path is prepended before ?index=blah,
    which should not be happening, and it’s mildly frustrating.
    Of further annoyance is the support for Unicode.
    I’m not sure if his charcters were truly Unicode, though. I tried to pass that particular page (see above URL) through the w3 validator and got this error. Not sure if it’s WordPress’s fault, My fault, or what, however.
    Another thing I’ve noted were escaped apostrophes appearing when they’re unexpected.
    Emails sent to me have an apostrophe being escaped either once or (in the last email,) several times (7, for the last one) for the name of the person commenting. (I’m also assuming that everyone who comments on an entry gets an email as well when someone else comments, and thus how he was pointing out the single-escaped comments.) I’ve no idea why this is happening, but frankly, I’ve grown a bit touchy with the complaint about that. :p
    To further it, the seven-backslashes-‘ is actually visible on my weblog on the entry in question.
    I can only hope that this makes sense.

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  • Moderator Matt Mullenweg



    Xial, the new URL support isn’t completely done yet, so there are still places where everything isn’t finished yet. However the problem you refer has been fixed in the CVS, it’s just the anonymous CVS seems to be a day or two behind the CVS we’re working off of. If you check out index.php again tomorrow it should have the fixes.
    I’ll look into the backslash problems.

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