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  • So, I’m new to WordPress (obviously, from the nature of this complaint…). I switched to it maybe.. 2 days ago? site in question:

    I was mucking around in the reading settings of the wp-admin page yesterday and did a very silly thing. I changed the coding from UTF-8 to ‘unicode’. I thought eh, it’ll just change the site, I can fix it from [here] if it messes up!, but nay, the admin panel and all is now in some sort of Kana and is unnavigable. Needless to say, lesson learnt, but that still doesn’t fix it.

    I tried searching the problem but my google-fu is weak, so at risk of sounding like a complete idiot (and I’m sure I do xP)… here I am. Anybody know how to fix this from cPanel or.. something?

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