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  • Hello! I just moved my WordPress installation from one host to another (keeping the same domain name); I had followed the usual recommended procedure of backing up the site to my hard drive and then restoring it using phpMyAdmin. At first there was a hitch because my theme (Pixel, formerly called Pixeled when I installed it before) didn’t appear to survive the transition. I installed a new version of the theme and it worked fine except for one glitch. I use a lot of Unicode characters with Sanskrit diacritical marks (such as Śāntideva and adṛṣṭa); these worked fine on my old installation, but now they appear as ?s.

    At someone recommended using // to comment out the lines containing DB_CHARSET and DB_COLLATE in my wp_config.php file. That did NOT work; it broke things further because even French characters like é (which currently work) stopped working.

    Is it something to do with the theme? Does the new version have a font that doesn’t use Unicode characters, or something?

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