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  • This This is fantastic companion to BulkPress.

    That said I have had three small issues:

    1. a bit of an issue with Unicode compatibility.

      I had the character é in the word México in my taxonomy and when I opened up the .txt file from this plugin the é character was read as: √© in the word M√©xico. This should be a simple fix.

      I read the .txt file with textedit on OSX 10.6.8.

    2. One other minor improvement would be to move this plugin’s screen from the tools menu to being a tab under BulkPress. It seems that the core of BulkPress should be logically in the same place as an Export function for use in with that plugin.
    3. The third thing which would make use of this plugin phenomenal would be to add the taxonomy name or slug to the downloaded file, thereby making each file distinguish quickly when one downloads several taxonomies.
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