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    The plugin installed and ran a backup like a dream – no drama there. Made a full backup of my site in preparation for a change of host. Created new hosting account and installed WP. Ran Updraft to restore my site. When I got to the database restoration it said I am trying to migrate not restore and needed to buy a premium plugin for $30-80.

    Long story short? You can back up for free but you may be charged to get your backup data up and running again which feels like ransomware.

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    Yes, if you’re trying to clone the site to a different address, then that’s not part of this plugin (as noted on the plugin front page – https://wordpress.org/plugins/updraftplus/ ). The add-on which contains the code to re-write the database (and various other bits) to run on a different address is an add-on we sell. But if you’re restoring to a website at the same address – i.e. if your website crashed and you need to rebuild it – that *is* part of the same plugin.
    N.B. If you’re just doing a restore for testing purposes, then you can edit your “hosts” file (Google: “Edit Windows hosts files” / “Edit Mac hosts file” etc.) so that it accesses your new hosting for your website address.

    N.B. The backup format is standard zip/SQL files. i.e. Not a proprietary format. So nothing’s held to ransom. You can unzip as you please, if you want to restore manually. Just use any/every zip tool you have (see: https://updraftplus.com/faqs/what-format-are-backups-made-in-is-it-nasty-and-proprietary/ ).


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