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  • Hi,
    I paid for a wordpress website, included in the cost was instructions on how to update and modify (instructions which I am yet to recieve). . the website is also NOT what I wanted and the form especially for the personalised books are very clunky and not great.
    I want to learn myself how to modify OR start the website again, can anyone help with the best place to start? Is there a good wordpress book I can get or a series of tutorials that are for a very beginner?

    I downloaded webmatrix thinking I could play around with it in there but I cant even add a theme in there! lol I am worried about playing around in the backend of the live site as I dont want to mess the website up (even though I really don’t like it, ha)

    I would really appreciate all help as we have a few new books to add to the site and I have no clue how to do it!

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  • Christine Rondeau


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    Have a look at WordPress for dummies –
    It’s a good place to start

    Thanks so much Christine!
    When I am trying to play with WordPress is using webmatrix a good idea or is it not the same?

    I’ve never heard of webmatrix, but if you want to play with a local copy of your site, then my suggestion is to use WAMP
    Assuming your using Windows, of course. (Not as good as Linux, but to each their own, and everybody has to start somewhere 🙂
    W(indows, the operating system, of course)
    A(pache, the web server software)
    M(ySql, the database software used by WordPress)
    P(hp, the software used to interpret the language that WordPress is written in)
    The WAMP package bundles it all together, making it a lot easier to install and configure. Then you can just download and unzip the WordPress package into a local folder (inside the folder that WAMP is configured to serve from) and point your browser to http://localhost/wordpress
    After it walks you through configuring database access, you can get into the backend through http://localhost/wordpress/wp-admin and start playing around.
    Have fun, and please keep coming back!!

    can you post a link to your website

    Thanks Sidney, that sounds great – will get that now!

    Lesta the site is – – if you have any suggestions or know of any templates for a simpler form I would be very appreciative!! We ideally want each book on its own page with a form bellow. . . and change the website a lot too! lol
    Thanks all!!

    +1 for Sidney’s suggestion.

    Using WAMP is sooo easy and great for testing things out locally. You can set-up several different WordPress installations just by creating another folder under the localhost root folder.

    You can do the same on your live site by using a Plugin such as Theme Test Drive:

    When activated you select a theme that you want to be active for admin ONLY. Everyone else will see your ‘main’ theme. This is great for testing out new things or how a new theme might look on your live site without anyone else seeing it.

    thanks dgwyer, I have installed WAMP. . . but a I am getting an error message when I try to run the program

    Exception exception in module wampmanager.exe at 00000f15A0 could not execute run action “.

    Thanks for the link to work on my live site – I will try that when I have a bit more confidence that I wont ruin the whole thing!

    Another question – I have wordpress for dummies and the is some useful stuff in there (which I will try when I get WAMP working) but is there a book that focuses more on making a wordpress website (or updating one) as the majority of this book id about blogs and doesnt include things like carts and other website stuff I need.
    Thanks for hleping!

    I am using Windows 7, maybe it doesn’t work with that?

    It’s probably some security software running on your system. Apache starts a service listening on port 80, and mysql starts a service listening on port 3306. I would expect some dialog box to open up asking you to allow a program to run as administrator after you try to start WAMP.

    If you are sing Windows 7, install IIS 7.5, grab a copy of Zend CE (Community Edition), when you install ZEND make certain you choose to install on MySQL and uncheck the other database options, (make certain you have Java installed) and you are good to go….

    You do not need WAMP, Apache, or any other webserver other than what is listed above…

    P.S. you actually paid for that template?

    Sidney – thanks for that, don’t think I can shut off my antivirus though. .

    rsgrone, thanks – so is ZEND is instead of the others?

    We paid to have the whole website built, we don’t have any wordpress knowledge at all. . . so I am trying to teach myself to so I can fix it and find a template or theme and go from there!

    If I were running on a platform targeted by 2 million viruses, I’d run an antivirus, too.
    Sorry, Windows vs. Linux is a religious war, and it’s easy for me to get sucked in and end up offending someone. I will say this:
    1. WordPress: free, open-source
    2. PHP: free, open-source
    3. MySql: free, open-source
    Now, does it make sense to complete the stack with:
    4. IIS: licensed, closed-source
    5. Windows: licensed, closed-source
    4. Apache: free, open-source
    5. Linux: free, open-source
    Maybe you’ve got an old PC you could put a LAMP stack on, or at the least, dual boot. Ubuntu 11.04 came out yesterday, and it’s very user friendly.

    LucyGoosey… trust me, ignore that rambling about how great Linux is… Microsoft is now hosting their “blogs” with WordPress as well…

    Besides, if you are not much into programming, and hacking software with little to no support, stick with your Windows 7 machine since, you have what a few hundred thousand certified and Microsoft employees watching out for you and your personal data on a daily basis..

    In fact once you get IIS 7 or 7.5 installed on your computer, you can using Microsofts “Web PI” and it will install WordPress complete with everything you need if you care to go that route…

    My preference is the method I have already described for you…

    Then why not take that philosophy to it’s logical conclusion and use a closed source database, like Microsoft SQL, a closed source language, dotNet, and a closed source website framework, dotNetNuke?
    See what I mean, it’s a religious war.

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