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  • So my site was recently hacked by h3rcule-32. Not much damage done after I removed the phishing site he added. I’m having a real problem getting my blog to work however. I have all the posts (imported from blogger), and they all work fine – until I link them to a blog page. Even if I create a whole new page, with a different name, the same thing always pops up – I’ll paste the html element properties:

    attributes: NamedNodeMap
    baseURI: “”
    childElementCount: 2
    childNodes: NodeList[2]
    children: HTMLCollection[2]
    classList: DOMTokenList
    className: “”
    clientHeight: 534
    clientLeft: 0
    clientTop: 0
    clientWidth: 1400
    contentEditable: “inherit”
    dataset: DOMStringMap
    dir: “”
    draggable: false
    firstChild: HTMLHeadElement
    firstElementChild: HTMLHeadElement
    hidden: false
    id: “”
    innerHTML: “<head></head><body>hacked by h3rcule-32↵</body>”
    innerText: “hacked by h3rcule-32”
    isContentEditable: false
    lang: “”
    lastChild: HTMLBodyElement
    lastElementChild: HTMLBodyElement
    localName: “html”
    manifest: “”
    namespaceURI: “”
    nextElementSibling: null
    nextSibling: null
    nodeName: “HTML”
    nodeType: 1
    nodeValue: null
    offsetHeight: 534
    offsetLeft: 0
    offsetParent: null
    offsetTop: 0
    offsetWidth: 1400
    onabort: null
    onbeforecopy: null
    onbeforecut: null
    onbeforepaste: null
    onblur: null
    onchange: null
    onclick: null
    oncontextmenu: null
    oncopy: null
    oncut: null
    ondblclick: null
    ondrag: null
    ondragend: null
    ondragenter: null
    ondragleave: null
    ondragover: null
    ondragstart: null
    ondrop: null
    onerror: null
    onfocus: null
    oninput: null
    oninvalid: null
    onkeydown: null
    onkeypress: null
    onkeyup: null
    onload: null
    onmousedown: null
    onmousemove: null
    onmouseout: null
    onmouseover: null
    onmouseup: null
    onmousewheel: null
    onpaste: null
    onreset: null
    onscroll: null
    onsearch: null
    onselect: null
    onselectstart: null
    onsubmit: null
    outerHTML: “<html><head></head><body>hacked by h3rcule-32↵</body></html>”
    outerText: “hacked by h3rcule-32”
    ownerDocument: HTMLDocument
    parentElement: null
    parentNode: HTMLDocument
    prefix: null
    previousElementSibling: null
    previousSibling: null
    scrollHeight: 534
    scrollLeft: 0
    scrollTop: 0
    scrollWidth: 1400
    spellcheck: true
    style: CSSStyleDeclaration
    tabIndex: -1
    tagName: “HTML”
    textContent: “hacked by h3rcule-32↵”
    title: “”
    version: “”
    webkitdropzone: “”
    __proto__: HTMLHtmlElement

    This is always the same. If I create a new page, without linking the posts to it, it just has a blank page that allows me to edit it (aka – normal behavior). Linking the posts to it creates the above.

    My real question to you more technically-savvy is where in the coding would such a thing be possible? There are a ton of .php files to search through, and as far as I can conceive, it should be a relatively simple thing to fix.

    If it’s not a simple thing, let me know – I’ll just have to scrap the site and start over…

    Thanks in advance!!

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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