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  1. trentl
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    My company's account "cyberchimps" was suspended on WordPress.org for trying to compete with another WordPress theme development company.

    PageLines is claiming we violated their copyright, and stole their intellectual property, but we did not. Our account was suspended from the forums before we could even reply, and our theme was disapproved. I 100% understand wanting to take the time to investigate the issue, but suspending us blinding was uncalled for.

    My business partner and I developed our WordPress theme using an e-book we purchased from http://digwp.com/. We used two open source libraries Superfish, and Coin Slider. We used the book mentioned above to layout our code, and used various forums, tutorials, and other free knowledge-based resources to develop our theme (a reddit post I made two weeks ago).

    We did work with PageLines in the past, but we did not sign anything, or steal any of their intellectual property.

    We decided we wanted to work for ourselves, spent two weeks developing our WordPress theme working 12-16 hours a day, and at the most we're guilty of ripping off Apple's design. Even so, we created all of our own graphics in Photoshop, and did not use any images from Apple's website, or PageLines.

    If you review our code vs. PageLines you will see we didn't steal a single line of code.

    If PageLines apparently owns the copyright to any Apple-like theme on WordPress.org or the internet then shouldn't all of those themes be removed from WordPress.org as well? What about PageLines ripping Apple off?

    We have every right to compete with PageLines, and we did not steal anything from anyone.

    If you would like to remove this thread and discuss this matter in private I completely understand but please do not remove this threat without at least contacting me at cyberchimpspro@gmail.com.

    Thank you.

  2. trentl
    Posted 5 years ago #

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