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    This review was originally written on the basis of a presales question I had about the premium plugin. I feel me and the developers have misunderstood each other and the discussion didn’t really have much value. I have left a 5-star review as the free version does do what it says and seems to be in-depth.

    I installed this plugin and found the language, settings and overall layout/ui confusing. This might be more due to a language barrier and design/ui understanding. I would never give a one-star based on this as you can still find your way around, it could really benefit from some simple language/UI tweaks. I acknowledge it does have a lot of settings which is a challenge.

    The one star is due to two reasons, it costs $275 to purchase a version of the plugin that allows backorder splitting, which in some ways I understand as it’s a lifetime unlimited license. Where things go sideways is when I ask if there is a way to test the plugin somehow to see if it will work with my fairly complex site I’m directed to their policy page that starts with “Need a refund? No problem!” And finishes with you can only get a refund if you cannot download the plugin. Which is strange, upon discussing this Freddie jumped on and said don’t purchase it as we don’t have time for pre-purchase complainers.

    I don’t trust developers that can’t stand behind their products or who get narky if someone is simply trying to get some reassurance about its compatibility with their particular setup. It’s a shame.

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    • This topic was modified 2 years, 6 months ago by naresh11381.
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  • Plugin Author Fahad Mahmood


    For everybody who will visit this review post, kindly do not forget to read refund policy completely. @naresh11381 neglected a few important things here.

    1. Refund will be applied to only Plugins, Themes and Scripts which are delivered as pre-built.
    2. Custom development work or hourly jobs will not be considered as a refund item.
    3. If you didn’t get the features in plugin/widgets/themes you purchased from this website as were described on product page(s), only then you are eligible to get an order refund.

    Point #3 is relevant and easy to understand. Following support thread is related to this one star review.

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    Thread Starter naresh11381


    Hi Fahad,
    So if I purchase the plugin and I have compatibility issues with my clients site would you provide a refund?

    Linking to the thread just shows that you were basically saying no to anything I asked and offering a screen share. It also shows Freddie decided to gaslight me instead of helping find a solution to my concerns.

    If you had confidence in your product you would not be carrying on like this about prepurchase questions. Premium plugins are useless without updates so I am not sure why you guys have such unusual policies.

    Plugin Author Fahad Mahmood


    We appreciate your concerns and keep my words, if something would be advertised as a premium feature in the plugin and you would not get it after purchase, you will get a refund. But how someone can simply associate it with his expectations? “I was expecting this feature and I did not find it so issue a refund please!”. Makes no sense, kindly schedule an online session so we can make sure if it is suitable for your scenario or not. Please do not feel offended, you have already used an inappropriate word “exploitive” without considering our efforts. That’s why Freddie suggested you to avoid the purchase.

    @naresh11381 you are neglecting that how willingly we are available for support before and after sale. These are not unusual policies, digital products are simple to get and apply for a refund immediately. A number of developers did this trick already. They install in hurry, neither bother to watch video tutorials nor share the problem with us and simply ask their client to apply for a refund because they did not get it work.

    When we are available for support, adding new features and working on compatibility then why should we offer refund without investigation?

    Following policy is not a good gesture for you?

    If you didn’t get the features in plugin/widgets/themes you purchased from this website as were described on product page(s), only then you are eligible to get an order refund.

    Thread Starter naresh11381


    Ok, so let me put it like this.
    If I was to buy the plugin and I couldn’t get it to work with my current setup/plugins due to incompatibility issues and I contacted support and you were unable to resolve the issue, would that mean I could get a refund?

    If so, I would happily delete this review and the other thread and buy the plugin as all I am looking for is some reassurance that after spending the money I wasn’t stuck if it had an issue with our setup/plugins.

    Plugin Author Fahad Mahmood


    Why cannot you check the compatibility prior purchase? I have cleared that we stand with our updated versions. If something is not tested yet so please bring it to to our attention and test with our support team instead of making it a matter of purchase and refund. Isn’t it simple?

    My request is to keep your expectations list aside and concentrate on what we are claiming in features list. There can be a list of incompatible plugins, and we cannot claim compatibility with all of them unless we give it a try. I would second Freddie, do not proceed towards purchase but schedule a testing session with us. You should realize that we are more interested in success results instead of sales volume. “Exploitive” was an inappropriate word for open-source volunteers. Please acknowledge our efforts because we are putting our best to ensure quality work. We are responsive and take responsibility as well.

    Kindly do not remove the support thread and this one star review, it would be helpful for upcoming users to understand the same kind of issues. Sometimes people are more interested in reading one star review so this topic is important for us.

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    Thread Starter naresh11381


    $275 is more expensive than 99% of plugins out there, I get it’s lifetime-unlimited but because you don’t offer a yearly, monthly or one site subscription and have a very strict refund policy with no mention of you fixing incompatibilities, it does come across as exploitive. It’s not a personal attack on you or your team or the free version of the plugin, it’s a comment on how you are handling the premium version. You might think it’s a complaining attitude or rude, it was meant as constructive feedback to an issue I was experiencing.

    How can I check the compatibility of premium features without buying and installing the plugin? I don’t know how you screen sharing your setup helps me know it will work with my setup?

    This whole thing is confusing. Please just answer one question so this can finish.

    If I buy the plugin and a feature is not compatible with my current plugins and you guys cannot fix it, would that mean you would consider a refund?

    Plugin Author Fahad Mahmood


    Let me help you to understand and finish this conversation here. Neither you are a FREE version user nor a PREMIUM user. This review is irrelevant and your support thread was not a bug report but an inquiry which lead you towards reaction because of your hidden expectations.

    1. You feel it expensive, please develop a module for your need instead of questioning about high price.
    2. Strict refund policy is for those users which exploit the digital platforms with baseless arguments.
    3. Doesn’t matter if you are being rude or complaining, please contact us through our website for the premium version inquiries. The platform you are using to talk about premium is actually for basic version users.
    4. Your feedback is not about the plugin or it’s versions. It is about your expectations about price and refund policy. You are misusing the support forum and review page to express your opinions. Neither you need basic version nor you are a premium user, your review is irrelevant if it’s not about features or user experience.
    5. Nothing is confusing, you are just shouting about price and not willing for a test session. Since beginning, you are hitting the refund policy and targeting the price. You have no idea about the depth of this plugin and features list.
    6. Why would you bring an unexpected compatibility issue after purchase? Why don’t you simply inquire that compatibility prior purchase. Simply check it with us if plugin is not compatible, simply bypass it. Why are you spending that much time to insist on low price and refund repetitively?
    Plugin Support ibulbworksupport


    @naresh11381 your initial query was about in-stock/out-stock splittng method. You did not talk about any plugin compatibility. This plugin is compatible with WooCommerce and it will work for in-stock/out-stock splitting.

    You can test it with me, contact link mentioned above.

    If you are not available for test session please check the following links which will help you.

    Video Tutorial

    Thread Starter naresh11381


    @ibulbworksupport thanks for this, I can see the features I need are present in the premium plugin. My concern is around whether it will work with our plugins and custom functions which is why a test on your system has no value. But I do understand why it is being offered.

    @fahadmahmood I feel like we are maybe going around in circles and not understanding each other’s situations very well.

    I’m sure you have had to deal many times with buyers who try to rip you off and get a refund and keep a copy of the plugin or try and get refunds for minor issues that can be resolved. I can assure you I’m not that type of buyer.

    Maybe you can understand I have been burned on numerous occasions by plugin developers that happily sell plugins that simply don’t work on a vanilla install and never fix or refund anything. My feeling is that you are guys are not these types of developers, which makes this whole thread a bit annoying and useless for both of us.

    I am going to edit this review to clarify the situation, I am happy to remove it at any time though as it has gone a bit sideways and isn’t really adding much value.

    Hi Fahad! Its been a long time! How are you doing buddy? I was just wondering! On some of the WP themes the border on WP Docs plugin do not look nice on a white background. More especially when you have sidebars on both sides.

    Is it possible that you add a function under settings which enables us to add/remove WP Docs Pro borders?

    Please Buddy! I know you can do this. Please! Get back to me sooner.

    Plugin Author Fahad Mahmood


    Dear @borake197,

    This plugin is different and your query is relevant to the following forum

    I have noted your requests and will improve the plugin in next version. Kindly continue the thread about the “WP Docs” plugin on it’s support forum.


    Thank you Fahad!

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