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  • I learn about your Yoast 7 bug by inadvertance, 3 month after it happened!

    You made us lost a lot of money!

    I checked on my email, how I could have miss that information, but NOTHING!
    Exept one newsletter email, where the Yoast 7 BUG is not event in the first paragraph, and not even in the email subject. So unless people are reading entirely all your newsletter, how many did not see this informaiton?

    How many people still don’t know about your issue?

    I can’t even believe this really happened, such a stupid move, please tell Joost not to touche any code anymore!

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  • I agree, this has been shocking and Yoast’s solution does not fix the issue. If Yoast really have good contacts with Google they should do more to fix the damage they have caused. What makes this worse is that we must leave the plugin in place and hope their ‘fix’ will eventually repair the damage. Yoast, why don’t you do more to help, speak to Google and offer a real fix? Yoast has temporarily ruined our SEO to the extent we will have to build more than one brand new website until the issue is fixed. The problem has cost us and many others thousands of pounds yet Yoast is still releasing versions with major bugs, just check out the new bug fixes and you’ll see what I mean. Yoast are basically experimenting with peoples websites and livelihoods and aren’t doing a good job at all. Check out The SEO Framework for a far superior product that won’t slow down your site and is made by people who actually care what happens to your website.

    Right !

    not talking about the huge price increase.

    Price went from $100 for 5 sites to $400+ and all this for nothing (expect more money in their pocket).

    That’s a double pain lol

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    Hi @jimcin and @lanxalot,

    Thanks for your comments.

    We understand that your websites were affected by the Yoast SEO v7.0 bug which allowed your attachment pages to be indexed. Unfortunately, the impact of the bug was amplified by an algorithm update made by Google around the same date. We publicly apologized for the mistake and explained how to recover from the bug on this post:

    The Yoast SEO: Search Index Purge plugin will help you purge attachment URLs from the search index by making all of your website’s attachment URLs return an HTTP 410 (content is gone) status. Google has approved of our method to solve this issue in the fastest way possible.

    Yeah but that does not change the fact that:

    1- Joost should never have change this code himself, he is not a developer anymore. He felt too confident about a way too big challenge

    2- You did not send me a email or something telling me that you made a mistake!

    I learned it by chance 3 months ago…. Maybe you were too scared of the bad buzz.

    How many people are still not aware of this and got the issue? Probably a lot more than we think.

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    Hi @jimcin,

    Thanks for your additional comment.

    The bug was found and corrected in v7.0.3 just a few days after the v7.0 release. The bug caused some settings to not migrate as expected from previous versions of the plugin to v7.0. Unfortunately, the effects caused by the bug weren’t noticed until weeks later when our team came up with a solution which was approved by Google. We published a post on our website and sent a newsletter. We are sorry to hear this wasn’t enough to reach all the affected users. We’ll look into other ways to massively inform our users in such cases in the future.

    That beign said, the bug didn’t affect all users, fortunately. Websites with lot of pictures and few high quality content-pages will probably have suffered the most.

    Premium member here. This bug cost me thousands of dollars only for this month. It just reflects the poor state of this plug and it’s completely unforgivable.

    Yoast could have easily found it before releasing the changes by doing simple test before releasing the new version.

    Secondly when he found the bug he should have let premium members like myself about it with specific instructions what to do. But not Yoast – he was hoping that this is issue would just go away by itself??? Why did you wait 2 months to give us instructions what to do?

    After this bug blew in his face he suddenly wrote a blog post where he sort of denying that all those Panada penalties are his fault. Suddenly he was saying that this thin content of attachment pages shouldn’t have caused issues.

    This is absolutely outrageous – there is a lot of information in the Yoast website on how these pages can hurt your SEO. You also specifically take care of them in your plugin.

    Suddenly Yoast is saying that they are just not that bad???

    Yoast really pride himself in the connections he has with Google. But I don’t believe anything. If he had such a good connections he should have asked Google to do something “special” with the affected sites.

    I think that his “relationship” is just exchanging one line twitter messages.

    There are so many disgruntled people but not many one star reviews – I wouldn’t be surprised if Yoast is removing them.

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    Hi @davidyoung12.

    Thanks for your comemnt.

    We are very sorry to hear you were also affected by the bug. We wish we had noticed the consequences of the bug before but unfortunately it took us several weeks to find out Google was indexing attachment pages due to a setting not migrated properly in Yoast SEO. Once we discovered this issue, we discussed with Google the best possible way to recover from the bug and we developed the Search Index Purge plugin.

    We did publicly admit our fault as the bug shoud have never existed and we should have noted its impact before. Our developers run extensive compatibility tests before releasing any update to our plugins but we are humans and make mistakes.

    Lastly, we never delete our users’ reviews. We love to receive (positive or negative) feedback and comments from our users as they help us keep improving our plugins and services.


    I wanted to submit a calmer more thoughtful response than my first.

    We have mixed feelings about Yoast’s plugin. My review has gone from 5 star, to one star, then back to three. Yoast have made some bad mistakes and it has cost them and others too (me included).

    I was angry about the Yoast 7 bug which indexes tonnes of images and attachments as pages often resulting in a very negative SEO impact.

    I feel sorry for all of those who have been effected by the 7 bug to the point of losing time and money. We are going to re-build our main site but it will be better than before so that’s the silver lining. We don’t have the time spare, it will be 17 hour days that make this possible.

    I’ve calmed down now after being annoyed, I believe at this point Yoast have learned from their mistakes and we can likely see less bugs being released in the future.

    Also, after talking to Yoast I now believe they are doing all they can. I had an email from a senior member and I think if any other issues occur in the future, communication will be clearer and more direct to help users.

    At the moment we are not using Yoast as the plugin also has quite an impact on page load speeds.

    Maybe in the future this will be resolved?

    I wish Yoast luck in the future and hope they manage to resolve their recent problems.

    Also good luck to those who have experienced ‘the bug’. I know it is frustrating. Channel that energy into your biggest best website ever!

    Best regards,


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    Hi @lanxalot,

    Thanks for your comment and your understanding. We really appreciate it. We hope you can use Yoast SEO again in the future. Our developers are currently investigating new ways to improve the plugin performance. You can find more information in the plugin repository.

    Good luck with your site!

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