• A fair and transparent comment, before doing a review because I like your plugin 🙂

    if you want your users to purchase your pro, you should be fair with them, otherwise you get the reverse behavior.

    you inserted a line of code that, once you enable your plugin, it gets redirected directly to your “forms” page.

    That’s unfair v.s other plugins, unfair against your users, UX, common sense and basically against ANYTHING that is logic.

    It’s just a selfish thing that you do thinking that your plugin is in a bubble.

    I want to choose when to go to your form page, you don’t have to force me to go there…
    Think about users that troubleshoot or for any reason need to disable your plugin and many others to reactivate them: why should I always get there and come back??

    You have a great plugin, don’t get me wrong, but these kind of behaviors + the spammy ones that you sometimes do are what let me abandon such plugins and search for an alternative (and many many other users are like me).

    Do things right, I have dozen of websites AND budget, when I ll be ready I will buy the pro if you give me nice added value for my business, don’t FORCE things with this kind of shit or by showing annoying popups, etc, otherwise you just loose client.

    Listen to me… disable such useless and irritating feature!


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  • Plugin Author Icegram


    Thank you for writing in.

    In Rainmaker and all our plugin, we have some onboarding or basic steps that help the user to get started.

    In Rainmaker we think the user will need form as it is a form plugin so we have redirect after activate.

    By this user, don’t have to find navigation to Rainmaker menu.
    Regarding spammy thing, what exactly you are referring to?

    We only have upgrade submenu in Rainmaker menu which is not disturbing to the user.

    We want the user to look at the pro options available in Rainmaker and if they want then buy them.

    We don’t force anything on users regarding pro features.
    Hope this helps you and clear the things.

    You wrote a lot of bla bla but in the end you don’t come to the point.

    a) This is one of the point:

    this kind of mkt shit I mean… you force users to behave in a certain way when they disable your plugin!! You are forcing ur users to send your feedback… and forcing them to click again and inviting them to send data to you EVERY TIME!!!!
    Dozen or hundreds of thousands of people that instead of 1 click, needs to do 2 clicks!!! And if they fail, chances are that they send a feedback to you!!!
    I don’t even think that this is GDPR compliant to be honest!!!

    b) don’t be vague or use the PR technique to beat around the bush with this point, it doesn’t work with me:
    – if you disable your plugin
    – then you re-enable it again
    – from this URL:
    – you automatically 302 redirect to this:

    Which means that EVERY TIME your plugin (and maybe 10x other plugins get disabled)… WE (users) needs to FORCELY go there and click back to the plugin lists…

    CHANGE THOSE THINGS!!! As I said users don’t appreciate this shit.
    You have a great plugin, why do you use those dark techniques? I don’t understand… people don’t buy or send valuable feedbacks because of this shit… they ll send you fake data and start hating your plugin and find an alternative.
    Which is what I will do… I will let you another update, if you don’t update it deleting this redirect, I will go find a valid alternative that doesn’t spam (ie. forcing users to act or read or behave in a certain way). Formidable is a valid alternative.

    P.s. I have 14 websites among which one that reviews plugins… so the choice is up to you.

    Plugin Contributor Malay Ladu



    I think taking feedback while deactivation of a plugin is a common practice and lots of plugins are doing it.

    Feedback on deactivation is completely optional as there is a link “Skip & Deactivate”. By clicking on it, plugin will deactivate.

    So, plugin doesn’t not force you to give feedback. It’s up to you whether you wont to give or not.

    Regarding your another concern about redirect to forms page. Again it’s a part of onboarding where author decided to redirect user to the page where use can actually start using this plugin.

    As Rainmaker is a form plugin. It’s obvious that people want to start creating a form with it. So, it’s redirecting to Forms page. I don’t find anything wrong with it. And so far, no one complaint about it as well.

    If more people find annoying, will definitely rethink on this.

    Hope that helps.

    1) it’s not “common” practice. It’s a practice. I have 20 plugins installed and only 2 are doing this shit: yours and wp-rocket.

    2) Also smoking is a common practice, that doesn’t mean is healthy.

    I see that you completely ignore my point: I see the skip thing: BUT YOU FORCE ALL OF YOUR USERS TO do 2 cliks rather than 1 and that’s selfish.
    Think if EVERY plugin would behave like you do (luckily 99% of plugins don’t do that…)… we would spend 80% of the time spent on managing wordpress clicking NO to ads, no to upgrade, no on sending feedbacks, etc… it seem that you don’t want to see your plugin as part of whole and you just look at yourself and your needs.

    Regarding the other point.
    Make in sort that you do this “onbording” thing just 1 TIME!!!! Not everytime someone enable and disable the plugin.
    Write smome lines of code so that the redirection happens ONLY when you first install the plugin.
    This is like saying:
    “1% of people have a gun in their poket when they enter a bank, so let’s forbid people to put their hands in their pocket because they may be robbers”.
    You create problems to 99% of people trying helping 1% of people!!!

    Also, it’s possible just to put a small option on your settings to DISABLE this feature… so that you don’t create such problem for 99% of people!!!

    “I don’t find anything wrong with it. And so far, no one complaint about it as well.” >> this is equal to say: LET’S DO SHIT and REMOVE IT ONLY IF PEOPLE COMPLAIN ABOUT IT!!!

    I have enough. I am gonna disable the plugin, remove it from 10 of my websites. And do some bad advertising. It’s obviously that you don’t have a team that wanna grow with your users.

    Good luck!

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