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    After raising wordpress to 5.9, there was an upgrade in the Ultimate FAQ(2.1.8), so I updated it.
    After that, I opened the edit screen, I got a white page with the message “An unexpected error occurred in the editor”.
    (Since the edit screen hasn’t been opened for a while, I don’t know if it was in this state before the wordpress and plugin upgrades)

    The editor error message showed the choices.
    <Try recovery / Copy posted content / Copy error text>

    The content of the copied error text was as follows.
    “Type Error: Failed to execute’appendChild’ on’Node’: parameter 1 is not of type’Node’.
    at se (https: // — URL of my site — / wp-includes / js / dist / rich-text.min.js? ver = a3e3616311fad456179e52a7528ec7fd: 2:21283)
    <Hereafter, the similar sentence continues for 10 lines>

    Fortunately, it seems that the current content can be restored by copying the posted content, creating a new FAQ, and copying it.
    But is there anything I should be aware of regarding the above error in the future?

    This plugin is very easy to use and has plenty of features. I am very satisfied. thank you!

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    Hello yuko,

    Thank you for the kind words!

    Just so we have a better understanding of the situation, after applying the updates, do all your existing FAQs display that error message on the edit pages? And, just to confirm, it does not happen with new FAQs, only existing ones?

    If it does happen for all existing FAQs, it could be that a issue with another plugin is conflicting with ours. We have not yet released any 5.9-specific changes or updates. If you still have some existing FAQs that you haven’t look at yet, as a test, could you disable all your plugins, except Ultimate FAQ, and access one of those remaining existing FAQs, and see if that makes a difference? Does the error still appear?

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    Hi jay,

    Thank you for your quick reply.

    I checked the status.
    ・It does not happen with new FAQs, only existing ones.
    ・After disable all my plugins except Ultimate FAQ, all my existing FAQs display that error message on the edit pages.

    It was my mistake to update UltimateFAQ without knowing that it wasn’t yet compatible with 5.9. I’m sorry.
    Is downgrading the UltimateFAQ a possible way to resolve this issue?

    Thank you for your kind support.

    Plugin Support jaysupport


    The FAQs should be working with 5.9. We just haven’t completed all of our testing yet, so haven’t marked it as such in the plugin files. Again, just to reiterate, there has been no change in this plugin that has anything to do with WP 5.9. The last update for this plugin had nothing to do with WP 5.9. The only change in the last update was to correct a function that was causing an issue with the widget output.

    The error sounds more like you have some kind of page builder or something like that, which is used on the FAQ post edit screen and which may have some kind of incompatibility with WP 5.9. Are you using a page builder? If so, what happens if you disable it on the FAQ post pages? Do the existing ones then show correctly?

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    Thank for your reply.
    I understand that it has nothing to do with WP5.9.

    About page builder, my wordpress environment is
    -The theme is OceanWP (OceanExtra is not used in the disabled state)
    -using WordPress Gutenberg as an editor.
    -enabled Classic Widgets, but I have never used it.
    -I use Permalink Manager Lite, Wpforms Lite and SmartSlider3 etc., but I don’t use page builder plugins.

    I disabled Permalink Manager Lite, but the status of existing FAQs didn’t change.
    (Because the function of the permanent link is displayed on the right side of the edit screen)

    I didn’t notice it, but maybe something went wrong before I raised it to 5.9.

    Thread Starter yuko999


    Hello jaysupport,

    The cause has been found!

    I wanted to display an icon at the beginning of the title, so I wrote the Font Awsome code directly in the title part, but it seems that this was bad.
    (Ex. <i class = “fas fa-book-open”> </ i> FAQ-Title …)

    I was able to open the edit screen(existing FAQs) by removing the Font Awsome code and making the title part only characters.

    I’ll consider whether to stop adding the icon at the beginning of the title.

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    I can specify it with CSS.
    I’m sorry to bother you by doing something strange.

    Thank you very much.

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