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  • This is probably too vague a question, but I have to start somehow, somewhere. I made a custom php page for use in my WordPress site. I viewed the source of a page in the site, copied that, and edited it, removing all the WordPress “guts” but keeping all the header, page and footer styling, and then included my own code for the page content. This page has been live for around 6 months and there hasn’t been any issue with it. But yesterday it was found to have the WordPress admin bar across the top. I logged into my hosting file manager and deleted that code.

    Is anyone aware of any kind of hack, or plugin or hosting mishap, that could cause that code to be added to my page? Or, if possibly that code was in the page at some point early in development, have unexpected restores of old files been known to happen? (I know I’ve seen that happen in other situations, where I keep making edits but the old versions keep showing up again)

    I update WordPress and all plugins as needed monthly.

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  • Is this php page publicly accessible on the internet (no don’t share it if it’s not supposed to be!)? I could potentially see someone finding normally authorized information on your custom page (assuming you copied and pasted code while logged in) and using that to try and get access to the WordPress admin, thus triggering the admin bar. Or if not a vulnerability in your PHP code, perhaps your custom page showed a hacker that you used a vulnerable plugin, which they then exploited. At any rate, I would be extremely cautious and run your site through some security scans and then carefully go through your custom page and make sure you aren’t exposing information that should only be seen by authorized users.

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    bemdesign, I sent you an email through your website, in case you didn’t see that. Thanks very much for your comments.

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