• Rajeev Edmonds


    My over 2 dozen clients suddenly complained about fields vanishing from their forms. No timely notifications within the dashboard about what has been done.

    Switching all of them to Ninja forms.

    No ones against making money from plugins, but, you must ensure that the entire user base is aware of the upcoming changes at least 2 weeks before the D-day.

    Sorry, not going to recommend this plugin to anyone, anymore.

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  • thethemefoundry


    We’re so sorry about this, @rajeevedmonds!

    We really wish our communication reached you sooner. As we’ve mentioned to other reviewers, this was a really hard decision we had to make in order to continue offering the free version here at all.

    We are a small business, and HappyForms is taking huge amounts of our time — which we love to work on — but we need to be paid for this work. And we hope this change, while unfortunate, is enough to help us continue growing HappyForms.

    Drew Strojny


    Hey @rajeevedmond,

    This is Drew, the owner of The Theme Foundry (the company behind HappyForms). You’re 100% right. We should have done a better job of notifying you of these changes. At least two weeks would have been more considerate. I’m sorry we let you down. I appreciate you giving us a try and wish you the best going forward.

    Thread Starter Rajeev Edmonds


    Hi Drew,

    Humbly accepting the shortcoming is appreciable. I’ll consider the free version for clients requiring simple contact forms.

    Drew Strojny



    Hi Rajeev,

    I really appreciate your reply and understanding. We will do a better job next time. Thank you for your continued support.

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