• When plugin was launched, it was advertized as “THE” free alternative to all other form plugins (especially CF7)
    Was great on the paper until they got 20k installs rating the plugin 5 stars.
    Now they took off all the functionalities which made the plugin interesting and worth installing and using it to move it on a paid “aka pro” version.
    This is completely unethical and unfair.
    I hope you won’t make any revenue of such behaviour and lose the few “fans” you had.
    Still, you have the balls to leave the paid june 2018 YouTube review “HappyForms | Create Amazing Contact Forms For Free” by Ferdy Korpershoek to fool ppl.
    Shame on you

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  • Plugin Author thethemefoundry


    We’re so sorry to let you down like this, @jacklinkers!

    I know this must look like something we planned, but I can promise you it wasn’t. It breaks our heart to know we’ve upset and disappointed you.

    The truth is, we had to make this change. We just couldn’t go on supporting the free product any other way. And we decided it’s better to make this change right away instead of waiting for even more users to come aboard in the coming months.

    We’re super-sorry! There’s nothing we want more than happy users 😀

    We hope this is the change we need to continue with our mission to make HappyForms the absolute best form builder for WordPress.

    Otherwise, let us know if you’d like help from us transitioning to a competitor’s product. It’s the very least we can do to help you. And we’d prefer to you see and your clients happy — even it that’s no longer with us.

    Such a bizarre explanation.

    You know you’re on WP right? That you developed and released a free/GPL plugin?
    Your explanation only makes sense if you were developing a commercial product.

    Oh, hang on . . .

    Plugin Author thethemefoundry


    Hey there @reelism 👋

    That’s right; HappyForms is a commercial plugin. I know that might sounds a bit strange to say given we’re on the free Plugin Directory, but the truth is, HappyForms (like many other free plugins) was developed with the commercial upgrade in mind from the very beginning. As a small business we would have never developed HappyForms had it not be of commercial value.

    We know that doesn’t fix the problem — sorry! I hope it helps to clarify.

    You are clearly entirely missing the point of OSS, and the spirit of WordPress.

    It’s fine to develop a product, using WordPress as a platform to support your growth, and provide an upgrade for *additional* features, yet when you *take features away* and force previous users to pay for what was previously Open Source that’s both bait and switch and exploiting the community to develop your product. You clearly don’t value, or have, ethics in this regard.
    IMHO there should be policies against it, but until there are, comments and reviews such as this will have to do.

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