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    I’m trying to get my 2 sidebars the same height. To do this I need to set the height of the containing element which is determined by the height of the highest column. However, I’m getting a difference of 11 px in height between Chrome and Firefox for the column.

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  • Have you validated the page? If so and your mark-up and CSS are clean, posting a link to your site is pretty much necessary for anyone to offer much help.

    Or use Firebug to look at what’s going on with the CSS code.

    It’s not just the sidebar. I’m getting different heights for everything.

    share which theme you are using and make adjustment in css of theme it will solve

    what adjustments do you mean exactly?

    Well I went through everything I had in my sidebar piece by piece, comparing heights between browsers to see where I went wrong. There was some bad mark-up and also I tried to be more consistent with margins and padding etc.
    In Chrome some of the margins were in “em” which seemed to render differently between browsers so for those elements I declared a height in “px”. There also seems to be an issue with borders in Firefox in certain cases.
    When I couldn’t get equal heights I just declared a height equal to the tallest element.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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