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  • Hi – I’ve searched for previous threads and can’t find one specific to this issues:

    When i click on Manage – Pages – then click on edit for a page, it loads the page in the window exactly as it appears published, graphics, everthing. It won’t allow me to edit it and there’s a tiny ‘edit’ tab on top right of the window which does nothing when I click on it.

    What am I doing wrong??



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  • You might have run into the dreaded “Visual Rich Editor”!

    under personal options unclick “Use the visual rich editor when writing”

    Now when you edit or write a post you should see all the raw html tags.

    Thanks so much for the respnse – I’ve actually disabled the visal editor both at a general and user level but still the same issue – when I go to edit the page it’s just graphics etc and at top of page is: Post Preview (updated when post is saved)

    Any help really appreciated

    Has it ever been functional? If not, upload a new cop-y of the wp-admin folder.

    And you cannot scroll UP? The edit page begins at post preview?

    Hi holly – that’s exactly right – all I get is a graphic representation of the whole page which can’t be changed. Moshu – this problem remained after the 2.1 upgrade – I’m just about at the end of my tether with it as i can’t create a new Page nor can i edit the current About page as I just get a blank window when I click on Manage – Pages – Edit

    A screen shot of the edit page screen can be found here:

    It shows how a replica of the front page appears.

    Thanks again

    URL fixed – any help appreciated 😉

    I can’t believe I’m the only one experiencing this? 😉

    Another hopeful bump 😉 – this issue occurs for me no matter the theme used…

    Safari? Did you try any other browser?

    Hi Moshu – have tested it on Safari and Firefox on a Mac and in IE on a PC. Very strange…

    I see.
    Did it ever work? (I guess I’ve asked this earlier, too)

    I was able edit the original About page, yes 😉

    So what happened between the time you were able to edit and now? Upgrade to 2.1?

    Judging by the img you posted above it seems as if your admin panel is not complete. I’d try to upload a fresh copy of the wp-admin folder.

    Hi Moshu,

    Uploaded a frsh copy of wp-admin, same problem remains. As shown in the pic it seems like WP is used to loading a graphical representation but I’m damned if I can see how to stop it.

    As far as when it occurred, it was happening before 2.1 but perhaps occurred after a previous upgrade…

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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