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[Resolved] Undo network feature

  • Is it possible to undo (and redo) the enabling of the network feature in 3.0 without deleting the entire installation of WP?

    I have a suspicion that the process of enabling the network feature on my install was incomplete/errored at some point but didn’t inform me.

    I’d like to do it again from the beginning (I have a MySQL back-up of my database before the attempt but not of the core files).

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  • Yep.

    – take out the lines you added in wp-config
    – put back the single WP htaccess file (empty will work too)
    – drop the extra tables that were added

    Ah, it’s that simple?

    Can I just drop all the WP tables and import the backup?


    Follow andrea_r’s step 1 and 2 then followed by yours – drop table then import.

    import as long as you wanted to kepe the posts on the other blogs. 🙂

    Also, you can delete the other blogs from the backend first, and it will prompt you to move the posts to the main blog. (I forget about that feature. Annoying to some, very useful to others.)

    I see. Much thanks for that 🙂

    I’d been worried that some core files might have been modified and needed fixing or something.

    Sure… um… What are the extra tables? I don’t tend to troll through the SQL frequently, so I’m not 100% sure which ones are the newbies.

    These would be some of them:


    Where “wp_” would be replaced with your table prefix. Also, there might be some others though I’m not sure. These are just off the top of my head.


    Thanks. I figured site and site_meta, blogs, and blog_versions, but I wasn’t sure about the others.

    OK, I’ve dropped those tables, reset the .htaccess and wp-config.php files to their old values, and still Google XML Sitemap says it just KNOWS I’m running multisite and hates me for it. Should I just give up now?

    That’s why I said uninstall the plugin, then reinstall and reactivate it.

    After uninstall, reinstall, reactivate and still seeing the same error message, I just switched to a different XML sitemap generator that is happy with Multisite installs. It’s curious that the Arne Brachhold XML plugin still thinks I’m in multisite without those tables or config files. Must be something subtle…

    I’m dim. I somehow ended up with an enable multisite definition even in the “backup” wp-config file. I’ll go hide in shame now. Thanks for your patience.

    Could you link or name which XML sitemap generator plugin works well with Multisite please?

    I had to give up the one you had issues with on several sites, but it’d be nice to have a replacement (at least until the author of the problematic one updates his).

    Can anyone tell me if deleting all of those will delete the main page blog posts? I have the ones that I want to delete but I don’t want to delete the main page blog.

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