• If you want to use this plugin straight out of the box without modifications it is OK.

    But if you want to customize it, forget it. There is very little user friendly things to customize in admin. If you are a coder, there are no hooks, few short codes, poor documentation, and strange integration with woo. None of the woo mods I used actually worked with the plugin because it uses its own templates and overrides that doesn’t include woo tie ins. As an example if you get the extra tabs plugin or discussions one it will not work.

    It ties into the billing system somewhat but it is did not live up to hype of being fully integrated and functional with Woo because it is most definitely not. Rewards were limited and couldn’t be variables (like if you want to have shirts in your campaign).

    Support was slow and poor. I tried for a month to get this thing to work. Going back and forth from support (1/10) gave a response that was helpful. Documentation is light.

    I scrapped this whole plugin and just went with woo, woo mods, and a bit of php.

    So if you want to use the features they have and not change anything. Go for it.

    If you want to create a customized crowdfunding solution for your client. Skip it and just use woo and it’s mods. Maybe a few Advanced Custom Fields. You will get a much better result that is supported well and reliable.

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