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    so, i added /wp-login.php as the REQ URI token and set the kill flag to kill all requests to that URI

    than i added my IP range in CIDR format and set the WL flag

    log off, log on… i killed myself 🙂

    wondering why i clobbered myself since it is my understanding that the whitelist supersedes the kill list?

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  • Plugin Author MikeSoja


    The program tries to convert CIDR to its own format, but some ranges cannot be converted. If you have one of those ranges, you may have to input two ranges in the ecSTATic XXX.XXX.0-127.* format. Check to see how yours ended up.

    So, how did you get back in?

    ok. is this a valid range…

    or do i have to…

    to get back in i renamed the plugin folder > log on > renamed plugin folder to original > deleted the offending entry — simpler than phpMyAdmin i guess 🙂

    Plugin Author MikeSoja


    The first one is good, the second one won’t work.

    I just tried it as you said, and the Whitelist ruled.

    I got green stars for scores as I logged in, but the popup score said I should have been killed. The WNKS entry for my IP range showed multiple hits. I turned off the IP whitelist and was 403’d at the login form.

    The WNKS table should show hits from your IP if the token and type are set correctly.

    hi Mike
    got thinking a bit about this and wondering if you can add better support for the CIDR format?

    would like to be able to add ip ranges in this format without having them being converted in the WNKS list, as well as edit existing entries using this format

    this would also clear up the problem as described in my 1st post

    so i guess it’s a matter of whether you are able to accept the CIDR format without having to do the conversion i guess

    Plugin Author MikeSoja


    I’ll have to look up how to see if an IP is within a CIDR range. For all I know it’s simpler than the way I do it.

    Plugin Author MikeSoja


    It is possible to mix ecSTATic ranges and CIDR types in the WNKS list (not possible right now, but theoretically.) The table parser will have to have a branch added for CIDR checks, and while the array loading would be quicker, the compare function would be slightly slower.

    It’s doable without too much hard figuring, but I may have to prioritize. 🙂

    Plugin Author MikeSoja


    Actually, I pretty much just coded it up.

    No testing, yet.

    I’ll have to turn off the CIDR converter…

    It worked!

    guess i owe you a donation by now 🙂

    hmmm… i couldn’t find a donation link on your website
    can you point me in the right direction?

    you sure get around in your kayak! Susquehanna eh? my neck of the woods

    Plugin Author MikeSoja


    It’s the thought that counts. I’ll get a PayPal link up one of these days.

    I made so many changes the last two days I’m going to have to give it a hard look over, but should have version 0.985 up by late afternoon, or evening.

    Used to get around in the kayak. Now, it’s pretty much limited to a five mile radius from the home port.

    Pennsylvania is a great state, outdoors-wise. Haven’t been up that way in at least five years. I-81 sucks (though it gets you there) and Scranton seems to harbor a lot of spammers, but if you get out in the country, it’s beautiful.

    Plugin Author MikeSoja


    New version is up! Let me know if things work.

    something get messed up in the versioning?

    WP doesn’t inform of an available update and instead tells me “Newer Version (0.9841) Installed”

    i’ll update manually, but just wanted to let you know 🙂

    Plugin Author MikeSoja


    The versioning looks okay, and didn’t hiccup last night. There were a couple stray files in the main folder, but they’ve been there for a couple years. Deleted ’em, see if it makes a dif. I’ll give it a few minutes, and then recommit the whole thing to a new version.

    0.986 updated as expected

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