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  1. Nauvoo
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    when word press pings, is it pinging the entire site via the main URL or is it pinging the New or revised post? I can't seem to find out if I can ping an individual post's specific URL. As a real estate broker I use IDX Brokers for my MLS service. I build custom link pages that have their own URLs and I put a link to the custom link page in one of my posts. What I don't understand is if I need to ping that custom post, (or if I can ping a custom post) of if Google will catch it as part of either a new post or because I have gone back and inserted it in an already published post.
    A custom link would be like "http://www.madisonrealst8.idxco.com/i/7146/McFarland_WI_Homes_for_Sale" and the post it would be added to would be "http://www.madisonrealst8.com/mcfarland-homes-wi/" Does WP see the addition of this link as a revision and ping it?

  2. PingBACKs?


    WordPress only pings a specific post when someone links do it.

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