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  • Ok, so I just re-designed my fiance’s website last week and it is all WordPress which is hosted on FatCow. When you go to I have it set to take the user to her blog. However, when you navigate the site her URL remains the same…just How can I get extensions like /blog or /contact to show up in the address bar? I’m a newb and I’m sure this is super simple but I couldn’t figure out if this is a permalink situation or even what exactly that means? Thanks!

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  • fix BOTH url’s to be correct
    dashboard – settings – general
    one points to

    if you can’t log in

    Samuel…just fix both of those urls to be “” Doesn’t matter that my WP site is hosted on Fatcow?


    Awesome….I’ll give it a go.

    hmmm…looks like it broke the site?

    now it’s all jacked up…can’t login to my dashboard anymore.

    DUDE…following the directions but now my site is COMPLETELY messed up. Please advise…

    your domain still goes to
    has your domain resolved yet? did you just buy it?
    if not, contact host

    No dude…have had it for a while. All I did was change those two fields you recommended and now it’s jacked. My WP blog is hosted on FatCow. My domain is hosted by Yahoo and from Yahoo it’s pointing to Fatcow. So when someone types, Yahoo is pointing that to I’m a little nervous here Samuel…can’t login to admin page at all.

    Yahoo is pointing that to

    why would you do that?
    the hosting has nothing to do with domain name
    point the dns at yahoo to the real domain name

    That’s how FatCow told me to do it. We have our domain and biz email hosted on Yahoo. I go to Yahoo’s Domain Control Panel where I then had it forwarded like so: ->

    I also see in their control panel – advanced dns settings I can control the A Name, C Name and MX Records. In the A Name fields it allows me to point to an IP address, should I throw the IP address that Fat Cow gives me? Will this fix all of my hosted WP blog functionality? I’m worried that I just shot myself in the foot and lost everything…

    you haven’t lost anything – it’s all stored in the database
    get with fatcow and tell them what is going on
    you would not forward your domain to theirs

    gotcha…thanks for trying


    I just changed the A Record to the site IP address on Fat Cow. Hoping this solves my problem.

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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