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    I currently have a multi-site CMS I created myself. I also have several subdomains. In addition, I have a series of Google blogs on each site at I want to replace all my sites with a WordPress multisite installation. I may replace my Google blogs with WordPress, too. However, I’m a little confused by how static pages and folders are replaced by WordPress.

    On my Mac laptop, my sites are stored in a folder @ users/MyName/Sites/G1, users/MyName/Sites/GW, etc. I installed WordPress in the same Sites folder. I use MAMP to create local domain names matching these folders (e.g. http://G1). I had planned on creating aliases of my sites for development in WordPress in folders like W1 and WW.

    I should also explain that my sites are divided into sections; e.g. MySite/World, MySite/Topics. Are World and Topics what WordPress refers to as subdirectories? Another important point is that some sections/subdirectories are shared between websites. For example, almost all of my websites have World and Topics sections (e.g. MySite/World, MySite2/World).

    To get to the point, I’m just trying to visualize how I’m going to recreate my sites and sections/subdirectories without static pages or folders. I’ve created a couple sample pages and have read some of the documentation. But am I correct in understanding that my sites will have NO static pages or folders, not even a home page?

    If I want to create a new subdirectory – e.g. MySite/World – do I just create a new page and assign it to a category named “World”? And if I want to create the same subdirectory on another site – e.g. MySite2/World – I’d do the same thing, but somehow assign THAT World subdirectory to MySite2?


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    But am I correct in understanding that my sites will have NO static pages or folders, not even a home page?

    Not even close.

    Take a DEEEEP breath okay? You’re totally overthinking this 🙂 We all do that.

    So you know how WordPress doesn’t make ‘real’ pages on your domain? Like I have a page btu there’s no file or folder named about? Multisite does the same thing with multiple sites.

    MySite/World, MySite/Topics, and mySite/whatever would all be subsites on your network. You’d log into each at mySite/World/wp-admin and so on.

    You don’t have any ‘World’ folders, but WP uses .htaccess (or nginx conf, or web.config, you get the idea) to redirect.

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