• Hi
    I have the following alert but it has an ID which I cannot associate with any asset in my site. Is this something I should investigate? I do have a problem with hacking on this site hence why I am deeper diving.

    Message: Scheduled-action status has been changed; details: ID: 15375,Old status: pending,New status: publish,Title: woocommerce_deliver_webhook_async

    The ID is confusing me. Normally this is shown as a woocomerce order. I checked I was looking through ALL orders too. Any thoughts?

    My issue is checkout page is getting an iframe inserted as html in the template code. I can’t work out how this is happening. How can Succuri help with this.

    The edit happened and Succuri did not alert me to the file change. That most annoyed me. This is what I want it to do more than anything.

    If there is a security issue on a changed file we should take our site into maintenance mode to protect the public automatically.

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  • I would also like to block these alerts woocommerce_deliver_webhook_async
    But it says it is limited to 20 chars?

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