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  • I have recently started my blog and am using the “get_calendar” tag in my sidebar.php theme. The calendar is there now and when I can click on a date with a blog entry it will jump/show correctly and my archives are ok (it seems that way when testing). However on the calender its hard to tell the difference from dates with blogs and dates without because there is no “_” under the date as seen on some sites and the font color needs to be changed. I am using wordpress 1.5 and I dont see “wp-calendar” in any of the wordpress directories either to edit the font colors or add this feature (which I dont know the tag or how to do and thats why I am posting here). I have looked in template-funtion-general.php but dont know what to change in it. Can someone please let me know how I would go about doing this? Do I have to be using permalinks (because I am not) for them to show up?

    For an example please visit

    Thanks in advance for any help/suggestions!

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  • Look in your theme folder’s styles.css for a “wp_calendar” section….

    There is no mention of “calendar” in my theme’s “style.css” file – any other ideas? As I mentioned I added the tag “get_calendar” to my sidebar because it was not there by default.

    Bump – Anyone else have any ideas?

    Just grab another theme (default, classic) and read their style.css file to see how the calendar is styled. Then based on that you style your own calendar as you like.

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