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  • I can echo what so many others are saying here. It was a great plugin for free albeit a bit buggy. Then many of the features in the popular free version were moved to the new pay version, leaving everyone else out in the cold. Granted, $33 (US) is not a huge amount of money, but this is an underhanded way to get people to upgrade. Worse, he was no longer supporting the old version, and had made “security updates/hardening” to the new version that had the features removed, implying that if we didn’t upgrade, we’d open ourselves up to security risks.

    I understand the authors need to make an income, but his method of doing it only alienates the users who have put up with all the buggy releases along the way (though the paid version has had bug fix updates every day since its release, which isn’t exactly encouraging). I’ll be switching to a different plugin, not because of the cost, but because of the principal.

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