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  • Crisp chat is it easy to use? Yes
    Is it basic? Yes.
    Does it translate well? yes.

    Does it lack major features and have major bugs? 100%

    Its lacking essential functionality that SHOULD be standard for the plugin itself.

    – No Departments to isolate chats from one another and operators to see only their department (used for vendors, third party support, etc). No departments in general.

    – Language doesn’t change dynamically – yes that’s right; They have a multi language translation centric plugin that doesn’t dynamically change chat languages without ADVANCED development. I believe it detects browser languages — so then what happens is when another language is selected on the site the chat still holds English even if their using Chinese.

    Unacceptable, I was forced to get a developer — not happening when im testing functionality and speed. I’ve used Livechat, and Tido they all have functionality like this that can easily be setup without custom coding.

    -Its also slow, I read their blog about their high speeds — well their chat widget loads sluggishly when its inserted via script.

    -Addtionally their wordpress plugin breaks websites. Ive never had a plugin break a website before but this chat system white screen of deaths sites. Guess what support solution was? Put the script in yourself.

    I’m sorry, the support while they try hard to help with giving you step by step guides; they really don’t go the extra mile like installing it for you; even though its their product they don’t really fully support it; even when their plugin is broken and breaking sites — its my responsibility as a customer to install it via script and my responsibility to have their chat work correctly with different languages — multi language dynamic changing is kinda standard with chats in 2022, without it its extremely unprofessional looking to customers.

    Overall I love the translation system they have for chat itself (customers typing), but the widget and plugin are crap. The setup is a joke and a waste of time. I really wanted to stay with them but the above issues im leaving — I went to Zoho which had all of this functionality that was needed (They don’t support Hindi but their translation does, just the widget text will stay English, so 4/5 of my languages fully supported out of the box), setup was easier still using scripts but the language changes to the site language as it should in the first place.

    Im sorry Crisp, you have ALOT of work to do. But the whole plugin breaking sites, scripting custom JS, and support not just doing it for your highest tier clients isn’t really cutting it.

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    • This topic was modified 8 months, 1 week ago by mittwaffen.
    • This topic was modified 8 months, 1 week ago by mittwaffen.
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    Regarding our translation system, when adding using the HTML code, the Crisp plugin is using the browser language to detect the language.

    However, this Crisp WordPress plugin relies on the get_locale function provided by WordPress. So if your site is for instance in German, it will automatically switch to German.

    Regarding Crisp being slow, we are sorry for this bad experience. If you have any details or logs, it would help. We have servers all around the world, including servers in Asia. The average response time all around the globe is 500ms.

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