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  • A developer just created a multisite for me and gave me a Super Admin login. I want to confirm that there is only 1 super admin account, but when I look under Network Admin, Users, it says:
    All (1) | Super Admins (2)
    Underneath that I only see 1 Super Admin (mine) with the 2 sites that I manage:

    Why do I only see 1 Super Admin if it says there are 2. If there is a hidden one somewhere how can I find it and delete it?

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  • View the database with phpMyAdmin. Open the table wp_sitemeta (or replace wp_ with your prefix, which is visible in the wp-config.php file). Search for the row with a meta_key equal to site_admins. There in the meta_value column you will see serialized data that lists the usernames of the super administrators. If it starts with a:1 it means it is only one.

    Thanks so much Nikolov. Mine looks like this: a:2:{i:0;s:10:”myname”;i:1;s:8:”myloginid”;}
    So it looks like there are 2 admins. How can I get rid of the other one?

    I am assuming you changed the text and this not exactly what is in there.
    Well, your username should be on the two words in the quotes.

    So you either delete this part i:0;s:10:”myname”; and change a:2 to a:1 or you delete this part i:1;s:8:”myloginid”; and change a:2 to a:1. Leave the one that is your username.

    You are a STAR!!!! Thanks so much!

    No problem 🙂

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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