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    Hello everyone!
    I’m proud to announce that I have adopted BuddyDrive and will be the contributing developer going forward. It’s been a week or two since I officially took over and I’ve been spending that time learning the plugin better and getting a handle on where things are and what needs doing. If you’re someone who uses this plugin regularly, I’d love to hear ideas for new features! I’ll be compiling a roadmap and setting priorities for features and bug fixes in the next few weeks and would love your feedback. Cheers!

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  • Hi, I’ll use it for a university repository, and a great feature could be a versioning option. Student could upload a new revision of the document and could see the revision history with the file description. That could be awesome ! πŸ™‚
    I’m more a project manager than a developer but I offer you my help if needed for the development of this plugin.

    Great, it would be nice to have thumbnails in the thumbnail

    Great, it would be nice to have the image in the thumbnail previews

    Plugin Author mrpritchett


    An excellent suggestion. I can invision video previews as well for that. Adding to my future feature list!

    Plugin Author mrpritchett


    That one is a bit tricky. I’ve implemented that functionality for a client before unrelated to this plugin, but I’ll have to think about that one. Not 100% sure that’s the direction this plugin needs to go. I’ll get back with you. I’ll let you know if any sort of PM help could come in handy. I’ll be setting up a GitHub repo soon and you might be able to help with the issues there.

    Would it be possible to allow folders to be shared with multiple BuddyPress groups rather than just one BuddyPress group? This would be extremely helpful for sharing files with multiple customers or departments.


    We have customized the plugin to show file extensions. We also modified the sorting of files.
    If you kindly answer my thread where I repoted a bug… Maybe we can trade… πŸ˜‰

    Hello @mrpritchett,

    I use Buddydrive for clients and this plugin is great.
    The only thing missing for my clients is automatic mail notifications when adding or deleting a file.

    Do you think you can add this feature quickly or can you tell me what I should do to add this feature?

    Thank you in advance for your answer.

    Best wishes.

    Plugin Author mrpritchett


    Thanks everyone for the great ideas! The feature list and bug fixes list for v2.1 is now complete and work is underway on the new version. A final list of features and updates will be posted soon, with a release forthcoming.

    Hi @mrpritchett
    It’s great to know you’re looking at a new version of the plugin. Are you able to answer my question about the current plugin which was posted 5 days ago please?

    Many thanks,


    Hi !

    Great to hear !
    Yesterday, i contacted @imath to propose new features and check some issue.
    And i give me the info an another developper takes the lead.

    So, like i said him, i’ve a client who propose this feature :

    the possibility to drag and drop a file into a folder.


    Hi! Would be SUPER USEFUL for us to have a timestamp for each uploaded file! I think it would be an easy feature to add value to the plugin.

    Also, would be really nice to have nested folders! πŸ˜€

    Thanks for taking over this great plugin.

    Regards, Akira.


    The drag drop would be cool to move files from one folder to another.
    Because even with the new update if we have a file in the wrong folder it must be removed and the uploader again it’s a shame it’s a waste of time!

    Also for media files like photos, mp3 or videos
    It would be nice to provide a media player for the videos and a player for the mp3
    And for pictures an image viewer.

    I find that it becomes important nowadays and urgent for this type of community module.

    thank you in advance,


    Hi @kariravantti,
    could you please share how you have customized the plugin to show file extensions?

    Hi @mrpritchett πŸ™‚

    +1 for multisite support. That is a REALLY needed feature.

    Heck if there was a premium version with WPMU support, I’d happy pay for it.
    Kind regards

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