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  • Hi there –

    I’m using Efficient Related Posts in a client project, and on a certain post I’m seeing this error:

    Notice: Undefined variable: p in /home/path/to/content/plugins/efficient-related-posts/efficient-related-posts.php on line 318

    (I replaced the actual path with /path/to/, fyi.)

    The particular post doesn’t have any related posts, which would seem to be why $p isn’t defined.

    At first, I thought the error was being triggered because I’m filtering erp-related-link and erp-related-links-output to rewrite the markup, but even after removing the filters the error persists.

    The error doesn’t seem to be a big deal—it’s not breaking anything or halting execution—but is it possible to get rid of the error without changing my error reporting level? It’s just ugly 🙂

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