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Undefined logs and url string fix suggestion

  • Hi John,

    Your plugin is not broken but I just wanted to mention those 2 annoying bugs that I cant seem to figure out.

    Bug 1:
    Sometimes I get logs displaying the URL with the term “/undefined” at the end of them and I cant pin point where its coming from.

    Why are we seeing Undefined? Where is it coming from?

    Bug 2:
    When applying a redirect of an expired post, apparently we have to apply the same redirection to 2 URL strings
    1st URL: http://www.domain.com/category/post-info
    2nd URL: http://www.domain.com/category/post-info/

    Notice the Front slash at the end of the second string, oddly enough, I started seeing reoccurring logs of posts I had already redirected in the past, only to realize that those ones did not have a front slash at the end of the string.

    Is there a way for Redirection to take this “/” in consideration and automatically apply the redirect instead of having to create double redirections?


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