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    Hi guys,

    Since installing your plugin onto our WooCommerce store, we have noticed something worrying.

    If a user’s address is unconfirmed in PayPal, a message seems to be sent back to WooCommerce stating “Address Status: Unconfirmed” in the Order Notes. However, there is also “Payer Status: Verified” and “PayPal Express payment completed ( Response Code: Success, TransactionID: 0Y2XXXXXXXXXXX339 )” and the order processes.

    The effect of this seems to be that the Billing Address is then removed from the order, which in turn removes the Shipping type.

    What happens then is the amount that is sent to PayPal for payment is the order amount without the shipping costs.

    Is this a known issue or can it be looked into please? I really would appreciate any help.



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  • Plugin Author angelleye


    Hi Damien,

    This isn’t something I’ve had any complaints about from anybody else. I’m not entirely sure I understand what you’re saying.

    I can tell you that PayPal’s system does not actually include a billing address. That’s one of the advantages of paying with PayPal on the buyer’s side. They don’t have to share any billing information with the people they’re buying from.

    The only address we get back from PayPal is the shipping address, so that is the only address that gets included in the order. That wouldn’t cause the shipping to be left off the order, though. The shipping address is what it would be using for calculating shipping, of course. Not the billing address.

    I guess I need see a visual of what’s happening here. Can you provide screenshots or a video demo by chance?

    Hi there,

    First of all, apologies about such a long delay. Hopefully we can take up from where we left off.

    Ok, so the issue is still happening, where the shipping amount is not being added on some of the orders, but this happens for people who pay with PayPal using this plugin.

    What I had found before hand was that any orders that receive a WooCommerce status update of Address Status: Unconfirmed, the Shipping amount is not included. I have since found orders with this status update but do have the shipping value, so that rules that theory out.

    What does happen though is the shipping rate is not attached to the order on the WooCommerce order list, but again, only for certain orders paying with PayPal, not all of them.

    You can see from this screenshot that some orders do not contain a shipping rate (in red) and some orders do (in green).

    This has only started happening since installing the plugin and has me baffled as to what could be happening.

    Thanks for your time with this


    Plugin Author angelleye


    It really sounds to me that the problem lies in the shipping rules somewhere. I’m not completely confident in that, and I’m not saying the problem can’t be in our plugin, but our plugin simply takes the data that WooCommerce feeds it. If the WC system isn’t seeing shipping, then it will feed 0.00 for shipping to our plugin, which is what would then get passed to PayPal, of course.

    This isn’t something I’ve been able to reproduce, and it’s not something I’ve had any other complaints about, so it’s very tough to say what it could be. Do you happen to have any other plugins installed that would be doing anything with orders or shipping amounts?

    Plugin Author angelleye


    Were you able to look into this any more? I just released an update to the plugin, so you may want to install that and see if it helps, but again, this isn’t something I’ve had any other complaints about.

    I’m going to go ahead and close this ticket here, but if you have more problems or questions feel free to respond again and I’ll be sure to get back to you.

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