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  • Hi, I use Divi Elegant Themes and I have a form where customers are supposed to live their real comments in how our company have benefit them

    I also have your plugin perfectly activated and working perfectly but I have had to deactivate your plugin because as soon as I activated your plugin the comments form from Divi stops even appearing

    Any ideas of what can I do?

    Here is my website:

    here where my Divi form is where you can see there is the box for the customers to leave their comments:

    and here is the main link to my website with your plugin – which is currently deactivated for the reasons that I mention above:

    Thanks very much in advance

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    Hi, if this is related to your theme then I recommend that you speak to the theme developers. Explain to them what is happening when you enabled this plugin. Let me know what they say.

    Thanks. Was them actually who found out that the comment box was not working for a problem with your plugin but at the time I was very much involved with many things and had to let that “problem” go

    I have now retake the problem and has post my comment to you and your answer to me on their support forum which is very good – yours too as you have replied very quick too – thanks very much 🙂

    Will comeback to you with whatever they say but PLEASE DO NOT TAKE THIS AS DESRESPECT they are Divi and are used by lots and lots of people so I think would be more easy if you look into this problem that the other way around

    In any case, thanks very much again for such a quick answer and I will keep you inform of any development.
    Congratulations on your plugin which I have like it quite a lot, just a shame the incompatibility

    If you need help with translation Im trying to collaborate translating plugins and have translated some but each time I try to help with more translations I give myself against so many complications. My language is Spanish and any translation I made into spanish are 100% done properly 🙂

    Plugin Support mbrsolution


    Thank you Jesús, I look forward to your reply in regards to the issue you are having.

    In regards to the Spanish translation, currently this plugin is already 100% translated into Spanish. If you feel that the translation needs improvement please let us know.

    Kind regards


    Well, it so happened that probably because of the time of the year that we are in, the person who has replied which is sort of “new member” I think, do not gave me a real solution but rather a way around, or at least do not gave me the solution I would have expected so due to my lack of knowledge and my even worse to my lack of time I will need to let this go to be honest
    (I dont know if you will be able to access to the above link not being a Divi member

    Regarding the translation issue, was some time ago when I was involved working with your plugin but I have to let it aside for the reasons I gave you above (lack of time and some more important issues) so I dont really remember fully to be honest, but I “think” just think it was a few things were translation could be improved. Main you I could be totally wrong on this

    IF it does exist a simple link that you can supply me where I can check all the wording Im almost sure there are few things could be improved and in any case if it was as easy as you supplying me with a link will cost me nothing to have a quick look anyway

    In any case, thanks very much for all your help and Merry Xmas and happy new year


    Plugin Support mbrsolution


    Hi, in regards to the translation you can have a look at the following URL to check the translated strings. However your best option is to first read through the plugin admin settings and check if there are any Spanish strings needing attention.


    Done it mate, althught it was everything to a very high standards 🙂

    Plugin Support mbrsolution


    I am glad you are happy with the translation 🙂

    Your welcome

    With regards to the first issue – your plugin uncompatible with Divi, OR the other way around, I suppose since you ask me to ask them and as they ask me to ask you LOL… I suppose there is nothing else we can do but try another plugin, right?
    I quite like yours and the quick answers I get from you and Im not looking forward to look for another one to be honest 🙂

    See, being fair to them, they do TOO many things for me according to what is really related to “their obligations in sales/support matters” and I cant ask them to go any deeper to see the “why” of their uncompatibility with your plugin as this is not really a part of their commintments if you know what I mean

    1 – Has you never been told a similar incompatibility isse with Divi Elegant Themes?
    With all respects to you up-front, I supposse would be a good thing for you not having any
    incompatibility issues with one of “the biggers” in wordpress themes (I think you
    understand what Im saying and Im sure you are not “missunderstanding my words as
    desrespect” 🙂
    2 – Is nothing else we can do about it?
    Do you think that perhaps by having a “very very quick look” you could find what the
    problem could be?
    I mean, I find you a resposible and trustable person who is taking good care of his plugin
    and I WOULD HAVE NOT PROBLEMS GIVING YOU TEMPORARY ACCESS to my account if you think that
    by having a very quick look without expending much of your time could maybe sort the isse
    WHICH would benefit me on the first instance and you, again in the sense of not “loosing”
    any1 coming from Divi due to incompatibility problems?

    Of course, again, this is just an idea. If this is not suitable for whatever reason, of course I will fully understand and overall I hope in no time you take any of my words in any desrespectable way because I can guarranty you that this is not my intentions. Otherway round fully

    Thanks in any case for your quick responses, best of luck and happy new year whatever your answer 🙂


    Plugin Support mbrsolution


    Hi Jesus, I perfectly understand your dilemma and current issue. I have submitted a message to the plugin developers to investigate further your issue.

    Just one question do you have the following enabled in the plugin Members Must be Logged in to Comment? If you can you disable this feature. Then carry out a test.

    Did you also try the following test. Did you disabled all your other plugins except this one and carried out a test?

    Kind regards

    Thanks for your quick response as usual

    At one time, two of the most Divi advanced staff members were looking into this problem (before knowing the problem was related to uncompatibility with your plugin

    Answering another of your questions:
    At one time, one of these staff members asked me the same like:

    Hi please check your wordpress settings about comments, it looks like you have set your comments to be available only for users that are logged in.

    Here is how the settings should look like so you will not force your users to be logged in to be able to comment: (and he send me a screamshot)

    So he realise the same problem but on his request I unchek said mark but the problem did persisted, then he keept investigating further, deactivating all plugins etc and was him who found out that the problem was again, the uncompatibility right with your plugin, so YES, said test has been carried out

    – Has I asnwered your question properly about the unchecking mark or you were asking me to uncheck this into a different place?

    Thanks also for keep trying to help about this 🙂

    Plugin Support mbrsolution


    Hi, just ton confirm that you have answered my question correctly I will add a few steps.

    Step 1) Did you disable the following option in WordPress admin panel under Settings -> Discussion -> Other comment settings -> Users must be registered and logged in to comment?


    Step 2) Did you also have the following disabled in Simple Membership Plugin. Go to WP Membership -> Settings -> General Settings -> Members Must be Logged in to Comment?


    Hi – to be totally sure…

    1 – Under wp settings, comments (the 4th option within settings) – comments adjustments – other adjustments about comments (2nd block of subsettings) – “users must registered and access in order to coment (second option from the top)”….. IT IS currently UNCHECK

    2 – Right now Simple Membership Plugin in deactived but after I activated them and looked…

    *Now, I dont know if is checked because i have it always this way or perhaps is just check it because this is the way it gets after activation so Im going to send this post right now and will post again in a few minutes after checking if this has make any differences

    Will check first CHECKED and them will UNCHECK and will look again, them will post back here

    🙂 – confused 🙂 LOL – thanks

    Okay, with the option on Simple Membership check it, still uncompatible

    With the option on Simple Membership un-check it…. two minutes please…. LOL

    PROBLEM IS GONE 🙂 – GREAT, there was the problem, well done mate. Divi member stuff realise this problem on Worldpress but didnt realise this problem in your plugin which is also understandable

    BUT this brings me another question but this just for THE FUTURE which is if having the two options disable the fact that users dont need to be logged will make the trick as

    1 – Your plugin is useful ONLY after people/clients have logged

    But this is a different matter we can take care at a later time if its a problem, Im so glad you found the problem and Im very grateful you has replied and replied until you reach the end of the matter

    Great mate THANKS VERY MUCH

    Plugin Support mbrsolution


    Hi Jesus, I am glad we found the problem to your issue 🙂

    I have sent a message to the plugin developers to investigate further this findings.


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