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  • A designer I have been using has done some work for us and now has disappeared. We haven’t paid him but we also don’t have the log-in info for the WordPress install he’s been doing for a new site we’re putting up.

    The worst case scenario is that we don’t get the work and don’t lose any money (just a lot of time), but we’d much rather be able to get into WordPress, pick up from where he stopped and mail the guy a check for what he’s done.

    We can lock him out of the server as it’s ours, but we just need to find a way in to WordPress if that’s possible.

    Is it?


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  • Are you not able to have it re-send you the password, or did he set that up through his own email?

    I guess I have to ask, if you are willing to send the person a check for the work he did to that point, then why wouldn’t you be able to get the information from him that you need to access your WordPress account?

    If you had set your account up under your own email address and at least know your login name then you can have your password re-sent.

    He set it up on his own after I gave him access to my server. He never came through with the log-in info and now he doesn’t respond at all.


    The main user/administartor is always “admin”
    For resetting the pw, follow the guide:


    You’re a blog saver!

    It worked.

    Question: If I want to change the user ID or anything else, is it still MD5, or how do I figure what to use in that dropdown menu for each change I want to make?


    Don’t change anything else 🙂 – except what was in the tutorial.
    In case you really, really need to edit something in DB, don’t bother about the dropdown.
    Why would you want to mess around with the DB? I don’t see any reason for that, unless it is about restoring some lost items, as it was in the case above. Other than that… just blog.

    p.s. Podz is the “blog saver” – he wrote the tutorial!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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