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  • I have read through the instructions and support threads, but nothing quite applies to what I see on my dashboard to activate the Theme Test Drive. I don’t want to screw up my site by not using TTD correctly.

    I am using WP 3.1.3 (can’t change that due to my hosting service) and had to upload the TTD plugin via FTP. I then activated the plug-in in my dashboard. All good so far.

    The TTD instructions say just go to the Admin page (dashboard I assume) and select “Design, Theme Test Drive. Select the theme you want to preview and click enable.” I don’t have “design.” When I choose TTD under “Appearance,” it asks for the URL of zip file of desired theme. That won’t work for me because of the FTP problem (can’t upload to host thru admin panel), and in any case I already have the themes I would like to test drive installed.

    A very nice person on an earlier thread said “Log into your admin panel, and click theme test drive. You should see a box with a drop down. Select the theme you wish to edit, and click “enable theme test drive”. But that doesn’t appear on my dashboard either. No drop down menu or place to select themes on the TTD panel of the dashboard.

    So, if I just activate a theme while the TTD is activated, using the regular command on the Appearance/Themes panel, will the current theme remain the one operating for those navigating to my site, and I’ll be able to test out the new theme? Am I missing a step?

    Sorry to be so longwinded, just wanted to be comprehensive. Thanks for any thoughts/assistance. This will be very helpful if I can use it.

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  • Did you ever get an answer to your question? I have the same issue.




    It is so surprising that you posted this months ago and no one has answered you yet. Well, I had to figure it out myself before installing this cool plugin.

    Install the plugin and when you get to the options where you should enter the URL for the theme installation, do the following:
    -Open in a new tab the Media library (i.e Media > Add New)
    -Upload the zip file of the TTD plugin
    -Click on edit when done uploading to copy the file URL
    -Go back to the TTD options page and paste the file URL you just copied
    -Select the Theme you want to see as Admin
    -Enable TTD

    When you are logged in as Admin on the same browser, you would see the theme you are working on with TTD but if you log-out you would see the default theme everyone sees.

    Simple and I hope it works or maybe you have figured it out before now. Just thought I should share with those having issues also.


    Alternatively, you can upload the theme in Appearance > Theme. Do not make it live in this area. Go to TTD and it should appear as a selection in the drop down. Select it and enable it, then sign out of WordPress, empty your browser’s cache, and sign back in. I’ve done it this way twice and it has worked fine.
    This is a great plugin! A much easier way to work consultively with clients.

    Thanks for the responses! For various reasons I had to upgrade to a newer version of WP and I was able to revise my site satisfactorily. I am sure others will appreciate and benefit from your contributions.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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