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  • I wrote a complete post about that (in Italian) here: [ Redacted, please do not post links in reviews ]
    I was searching for a video player for WordPress and before to buy the very expensive FV Flowplayer I wrote some e-mail to Foliovision (the team that programmed the video player). Mr. Alec treated me in a very rude way because, beeing VERY INTERESTED in the plugin and wishing to buy it (also if the pro version is very expensve) I wrote some e-mail asking all I needed to know to make an informed purchase.
    His answers were disconcerting. So, dsconcerted, I asked if they have a refund policy and I received the following answer: “(…)to be honest I don’t like your communication style. You are free to buy the plugin but in your particular case, there is a no refunds policy.”
    Baffled from that answer, I wrote that:

    “So, to be completely sure to have understood your message:
    1. I am interested in your plugin.
    2. You don’t like my communication style and…
    3. …because of my communication style I will not have right to a refund”

    And here you are the following answer: “(…)You know the conditions of sale now. There will be no refund in your case under any circumstances.”
    In the last email Mr. Alec offended me a little bit more and we stopped our email conversation.

    So, I can’t know if the PRO plugin works, but I am sure that if a company can decide to not have a REFUND POLICY for customers that ask for information, I am not sure that this plugin is worth paying 75 EUR without have the possibility to be sure that the pro version works for my needs and without a fair, clear refund policy.

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  • I have similar experiences with Alec.

    Plugin Author FolioVision


    Hi Marco Morello,

    We did spend a lot of time in presales. During the presales your emails were aggressive in tone, unpleasant and denigrating. As an example:

    Wow,I saw that your plugin costs an eye!…Usually plugins that do the same thing on the envato market costa from 9 to 29 dollars…

    As I wrote you, the plugins on Envato market are all half broken with limited feature sets. Ours does both secure hosting (S3, Cloudfront, RTMP) as well as both Vimeo and YouTube. FV Player Pro includes social sharing, advertising preroll and postroll even an AB loop function which visitors can use when learning or rehearsing. We’ve been continuously building and supporting FV Player for five years now. So no, FV Player is underpriced for the level of functionality it provides. jwPlayer’s comparable pro license starts at $299 (jwPlayer force you to buy a large bundle to get pro functionality).

    Your response:

    Maybe not Mercedes, but also Wolksvagen lies! 😉

    In any case our refund policy is clearly marked on our main download page with a bold heading. It appears you are too indolent to do the smallest amount of self-sufficient research before writing support, indicating endless support tickets.

    • You don’t like the product.
    • You don’t like the pricing.
    • You don’t like my communication style.
    • You suggest I’m dishonest and a liar.

    No you shouldn’t buy FV Player in this case. I live a rich and rewarding life. Bringing angry, miserly people like you into it would make it worse. I refuse to do that. I removed the refund policy in this case in order to discourage you from purchasing. Your subsequent wild attacks on both my company and myself here and on your own sites indicates that my intuition was good.

    We love to support our customers – you can check the level of support we offer for free there to both pro and free users. Fortunately there are very few with your approach to life. We are truly blessed.

    I understand buying software is complicated. I buy thousands of dollars of software every month for ourselves and clients. I read the sales and support documentation online and even have a solid go at fixing issues myself before bothering the developer. If there are forums I use them.

    I suggest you do the same.

    Alec Kinnear
    Creative Director

    When reading first comment I knew the author left some context out…

    I bought premium version. And I bought premium support. And I am very satisfied in the comunication and actual help from Foliovision. There is no better wp video player on the market.

    My experience with Alec at Folivision in two emails and another guy on their support page at their site has been that they have both been extremely polite and helpful. Also, I pulled my hair out for two weeks trying countless different ways to secure my S3 video files until I discovered their AWESOME plugin!

    Plugin Author FolioVision


    Thanks Magentawave for the kind words. I’m glad we were able to help.

    Just noticed that Marco Morello got our pricing wrong as the rest of his post. The full pro version is actually $75/site for a perpetual license. Annual renewals of support and updates are just one third of that.

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