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  • Resolved Jacob Dubail


    Hey ya’ll,

    Not sure what happened over night, but now I can’t switch between visual editor and code editor on any page or any site in WordPress.

    I’ve disabled all the plugins that I can (without breaking the entire front-end of the site), and no luck. All I get is this error:

    “Uncaught ReferenceError: switchEditors is not defined”

    in FireBug when I click on either the visual or code tab.

    Any help?


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  • Reinstall the WordPress core files manually for starters.

    The visual editor always gets borked with some kind of javascript error – multisite or not.

    I’ve disabled all the plugins that I can (without breaking the entire front-end of the site),

    You may have to keep going.

    Sorry ya’ll. Got it resolved. Was a stupid jQuery error.

    Thanks for the replies.


    I now have this error, how did you resolve it?

    @jacobdubail You’ve not been very helpful, really 🙂

    jQuery means it was either a theme or a plugin causing a conflict. vladko13, if you need help with this, please open a new topic all for yourself 🙂

    I just thought creating scores of instances for the same issue was any moderator’s nightmare. And eventually, a user’s nightmare, too. This is why I thought it would be best to solve the issue in a single thread. Thanks, anyway 🙂

    Oddly here, no 🙂 But it’s for a few obvious reasons when you think about it from a support TICKET perspective.

    1) Rarely do two people actually have the exact same problem. Similar, yes, but themes, plugins and versions of all of them contribute to issues.

    2) WordPress iterates pretty quickly, so in five months from the original post, we’re on a new MAJOR release of WP plus a minor update, which invalidates a lot of fixes.

    So we ask that UNLESS you know 100% that you have the same exact problem, same version, plugins, themes etc, then you should make a new problem. Linking back to a similar post to say things like ‘I tried X (link) but it didn’t work’ is helpful.

    In my case, I tracked down the issue to “Secure WordPress” – I was using the latest, 2.0.6 version, with the latest WordPress version (3.2.1). I began downgrading the plugin to see which version would work, and the first to work fine was 2.0

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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