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  • Why dont you have zero stars? Because that is what this Gutenberg deserves.

    I had no idea about this issue. Just upgraded one of my webs to 5.0 (thank god I did not do on the others) and encountered the disaster.

    I tried to add some code, images and change an old page, and it was a complete nightmare.

    – Adding images in the middle of the post? Impossible, not even by html. When trying the html view (not even easy to find) found the <p> crap in all the section…just imagine lol
    The image would go to the start of the page and because in that page I started with a <li> when I tried to remove it in the code the whole text was converted to “li”….

    – Trying to add html code in that page was impossible without major trouble.

    – Besides the editor screen is way too narrow and totally unfriendly from an editor point of view. I mean TOTALLY UNFRIENDLY

    – Countless bugs and problems

    It seems that WordPress wants us to produce Facebook type of content now…but if I want to post things like facebook I just just Facebook, you know?

    This is totally unfriendly for writers, journalists and developers who need to create big pieces of text and content.

    Why did they force this change? Seems a very strange move. I wonder if it is being forced by above following some sort of agenda because it makes no sense to make it default and forced.

    The market does not like it. I mean, the WordPress market.

    WordPress is not yet the government that can enforce crap like this to us without alternative.

    So you either give back the classic editor or something very similar or at least the possibility to disable “Gutencrap” or many of your old users will end up changing the platform.

    I installed the classic editor plugin, but if this is not sorted will have to look for an alternative.

    In short: what a piece of garbage

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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