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  • Ignoring what exactly?

    From reviewing your threads, the issue is not that Polylang does not work, but whether it is compatible with every plugin out there, more specifically the “Theme My Login” plugin which you are having troubles with.

    Maybe the author is taking a break and is not ignoring you intentionally, and thats why there is a community here, maybe someone will help, maybe not. My advice to you is to choose between:
    (a) disabling Polylang until this problem is resolved,
    (b) disabling the “Theme My Login” plugin instead.

    It all depends on which of your needs are more critical at this stage. Polylang’s functionality, or your theme’s styling along with it’s functionality. 🙂

    Sorry I can not be of more help to you. Good luck!

    Yes, I can understand if the author is busy, but I see that he responds to other threads and just completely ignores mine.

    I can’t really disable either right now, that is why this is so crucial.

    Even just a response from the author would be great. But he isn’t even acknowledging my request for help. And advice would even be appreciated but he’s JUST TOTALY IGNORING ME. And I don’t know why.

    How disgraceful that you would lie and say on the reviews that the plugin doesn’t work, when in fact it does, and when only problem seems to be an incompatibility with whatever theme or other plugin you are using. Polylang is free. It’s great that such a good language software even exists without being obligated to pay.

    How disgraceful that the AUTHOR can’t even manage to reply to a support question. Not even an acknowledgment. And what’s the point of making a plugin (which you call software LOL!!) when it’s not even compatible with the rest of WordPress? Other plugins and themes included… So get over yourself.

    And for the record, I haven’t even rated it or marked it as “doesn’t work”. I’m probably not even going to. I’m just really disgusted and disappointed that the “software” (ahem, plugin) developer can’t even acknowledge a support thread. So again… get over yourself. LOL

    I’ve found the polylang PLUGIN(yes wordslip) to be compatible with lots of wordpress stuff.
    It’s free though, and also for what it’s made for, it works pretty damn well. And why do I need to get over myself? I’m not the one raging all over here. I simply think it’s disgraceful when people lie on reviews out of some personal grudge, and they deserve to be called out on it. Anyway it’s good that you didn’t do it.

    If you don’t like polylang, then why not get something else, like WPML? Or any of the other numerous multi-language plugins out there.
    It’s not like Polylang has promised that it will work in cases that it wont, has it? If it had, then I’d understand your rage better. But right now you are really overreacting.

    Anyway I can’t say why author hasnt responded yet. Maybe he is just too busy.

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    @setho, Nobody owes anyone support here, not even the authors of plugins or themes. It’s not our place to tell people what to do with their free time.

    You need to read this section of the forum welcome guide before posting again.

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    If you can’t follow forum guidelines (aka being nice) then you can’t post here.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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