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  • There is one vital piece of information you need to know about ARMember apart from its effectiveness and that is its price. There is only one once-off payment and it is a very reasonable amount. There is no annual subscription! You can purchase extra support time if you wish but the plugin works without further expense.

    The design of this plugin is excellent. The programmer seems to have thought of everything that a website might need to deal with membership. “Manage Plans” helps you set up the different membership plans all in a very user-friendly way.
    “Manage Forms” enables you to design several of the forms used by ARMember and then in “Configure Plan + Signup Page” is where you can configure, signup form+plans + payment methods etc. Here you can include or exclude existing plans, arrange them in the order you wish, choose your preferred template and even preview the outcome.

    “Manage Forms” gives you editorial access to the form modules and you can adjust these, add extra fields and the like. “Content Access Rules” provides a wonderfully simple way of deciding which pages can be reserved for which membership groups. There is also an option to control the display of different pages in the menu system. These access rules are also available when editing individual pages and posts as well as in the menu system. “Payment History” reports on recent payments. “Email Notifications” allows you to adjust the different email messages that might be sent to members.

    What amazed me most about ARMember was that it also allowed control over a lot of other things that normally require a range of extra plugins. For example, it’s possible to hide the toolbar from certain groups, to allow members to upload their own avatars and to design your own login window. ARMember facilitates payment platforms such as PayPal, Stripe and several others. It also has free addons to allow multiple membership, integration with Mailchimp and Woocommerce and it accommodates reCaptcha through its own internal configuration.

    Some other plugins (e.g., a Woocommerce Discount plugin, have an extra cost but are reasonable). When you examine listings of pages or posts, there are clear indicators as to which are in any way restricted by ARMember as well as those that are key pages for the membership system. A clever ploy of setting ARMember tags against a colour background helps locate ARMember features more easily.

    There is one big plus for anyone considering this membership plugin: there is an excellent demo allowing you to try the front and back-ends of the application. Another important plus is that ARMember support is very good, prompt to respond and expert in sorting out problems. In my own case there was a clash between an older plugin (no longer needed) and the ARMember login.

    In short, ARMember far overshot my highest expectations for a Word Press Membership plugin. I could not recommend it more highly.

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