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  • Blocksy is a very good theme, but it is not perfect. For example, in my opinion its default styling and animations are too opinionated, they should be more plain & simple so that the website visitors can’t tell if Blocksy is the theme being used.
    Also the “DOM access” in Blocksy is a little high when you compare it with direct competitors like GeneratePress, Suki o Neve. The “DOM access” represents the number of times the JavaScript reads, changes or binds the DOM. The more your JavaScript code accesses the DOM, the slower the page will load.

    Additionally, Blocksy is only “Mobile-Responsive”. While this is enough for most users, it is not the optimal design approach for a theme. The optimal is “Mobile-First”. Although in fairness I should mention that very few themes have been designed from the ground up to be “Mobile-First”.

    Hopefully these points will be improved in the future. However, if you like the current Blocksy distinctive default styling & animations, don’t care if the theme is Not “Mobile-First”, and also you are happy with its overall performance, then Blocksy is a great theme for you.

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  • Theme Author creativethemeshq


    Thank you very much @acelerawp! We really appreciate your kindness and support, this means a lot for us 🙂

    Moderator Yui



    @acelerawp If you need support with this theme, then please make sure to open a support topic here:

    Theme Author creativethemeshq


    @acelerawp Also, wanted to clarify the “DOM access” part that you mentioned. This part can vary greatly depending on which features you have enabled on your site. We are of course aware that adding a lot of JavaScript (especially JavaScript that manipulates the DOM) is not good for the overall performance of the website — and we constantly working on improving this.

    We’d appreciate if you could open a support topic with a link to your site here: We will be able to see your exact situation and react better to your concern.

    To comment a bit on the Mobile First approach: can you please a little more specific in what exactly you are expecting here to change?
    Every element and component of Blocksy is carefully designed to look equally well on all screens sizes. They look good on small screens and they use the available screen real estate for big desktops. There really is no element from Blocksy that isn’t behaving this way — and you’ve got a lot of responsive options on top of that to make adjustments where you need to.

    We’re more than happy to make further changes to this aspect of the theme, but to be able to do so we will need to know more details about what exactly didn’t go well for you.

    Waiting for your reply.

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    Theme Author creativethemeshq


    Hello @acelerawp,

    We are still waiting a reply from you.
    Please get back to us as soon as possible so we could discuss and examinate more detailed all your issues.

    Have a nice day.

    Thread Starter acelerawp


    Hi @creativethemeshq, thanks for your reply.

    Honestly, I don’t need any help to solve any issue because the things I mention in my review are not issues or bugs. Let me clarify:

    1- My comment about the opinionated default styling and animations is only my personal opinion. So, there is no theme issue here.

    2- My comment about the high “DOM access” in Blocksy is based on my own testing, after comparing the “DOM access” in Blocksy versus the “DOM access” in other themes like Neve, GeneratePress, Suki, etc…., using this tool –>

    You can make the testing and comparisons for yourself.

    Obviously for the comparison I was using the latest versions of all the themes with the “Exactly Same Layout & exactly the same elements shown on the screen( same sidebar content, same post/page meta, etc…..)” in all the themes tested, and under this 100% equal conditions, Blocksy has the higher number of access to the DOM. This is not causing any bug, this only represents an aspect of the Blocksy core performance. So, I don’t need any help here. I only hope this can be improved in the future.

    3 – In my last point about the “Mobile-Responsive( Responsive-Design)” approach used by Blocksy, I’m just emphasizing that Blocksy is Not a “Mobile-First” theme. In this point, also there is nothing to discuss since there is nothing wrong with the “Responsive-Design” approach you decided to implement in Blocksy and there is No bugs. I’m just emphasizing that “Mobile-First” is better. You can check the differences here –>

    Now I’m using another theme, so my intention with this review was Not to ask for help, was only to share which things in my opinion should be a little bit improved in the future.

    Theme Author creativethemeshq


    Hi @acelerawp,

    Thanks a lot for your feedback, we appreciate you doing that.

    To respond to all your points:

    1. Agree, this is a very debatable subject. But we really tried to be as generic as possible with Blocksy’s design. Only this way Blocksy can be used for building websites from nearly any niche and need. If you have any specific points where we could generalise even further — please share and we’ll consider implementing them.
    2. Can confirm that this is an actual issue with Blocksy as of now. Next update will fix this though. Here you can see the report from a site made with a beta version of Blocksy that has this fix. The DOM access score went from ~260 to 59. We will try to improve this further even more in hopes that we can achieve even better results.
    3. Again, this is very debatable and to be honest, the linked article didn’t provide any actionable insights for us. If you can let us know where exactly we can improve this — please let us know and we’ll consider doing that, where it makes sense.

    Again, thanks a lot for doing this. We know Blocksy isn’t perfect but we try to improve it with each update.

    All the best!

    I read the message and the replies, I am astounded.
    1. acerawp’s first post is about a review. How did it come to the conclusion that there is a need for support?
    2. The suggestion about DOM access seems to have been taken into account, good to see that. I appreciate.
    3. The difference between Mobile first and Mobile-Responsive is unlikely to be unknown to the theme developer. You might think this is trivial, but the question “where exactly we can improve this” shouldn’t be asked. Yes, it’s not a big difference, but we can’t say there is no difference.



    @acelerawp just wanted to be that guy…He just wanted to be the first to give it four stars. Honestly, Blocksy is top of class when it comes to a WP theme and it’s not even close. My latest client project using Blocksy and Dom access score:

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    Theme Author creativethemeshq


    @ocolak we understood that it’s only a review, but like we always say, we take every bit of feedback that comes our way very seriously and we act on it.

    @wesleysoccer Thanks for your feedback about the experience with Blocksy.

    Just to add to the above reply, within yesterday’s update all the issues related to excessive DOM access are ameliorated — like we promised we will do. Happy to see what you think about this new revision of Blocksy!



    Wow!! Impressive responses….from @creativethemeshq – I have to say kudos to your team for being on top of feedback on the Forums. It really shows how much you sincerely care about your brand and your customers. Way to Go on outstanding customer relations.

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