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  • I have a Woocommerce-powered site, with a product, that has 11 attributes. Each attribute can influence final product price, so I created all possible variations, the final number of them is several thousands… So now when I try to open product page, it is loading for about 2 mins.

    Query Monitor shows that while forming attributes dropdown, Woocommerce queries every variation one-by-one, so at the end it makes 1591 queries of update_meta_cache and 1587 of WP_Post::get_instance().
    Is there a possibility to make Woocommerce query them all at once? Or maybe another solution to product with many attributes/variations?

    I googled extensively, but found no solution to such situation. I optimized everything I can in the website/database, switched themes, deactivated other plugins, but since the main culprit are those woocommerce queries, all my efforts decreased loading speed insignificantly.

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  • You should really, really, really, look for a way to configure your products a different way. Having thousands of variations is definitely a problem – for ANY cart software.

    Ok, I thought about that, but could not come up with the different way. Do you have any advice?

    The product is made of certain “parts”, and any of them influences its final price. As I said, there are 11 “parts”, so I made 11 attributes. How can I make this in another way, so that the customer can choose those “parts”, and see the updated price, and the “parts” he chose listed in the cart/receipt? I thought attributes are made exactly for such cases…

    Did you ever solve this? We have products with 1000+ variations and the store is useless. Long load times on the back end and 10 seconds on the front end per product.

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