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  • I am getting quite a number of spam comments on my posts. I have 2 questions:

    While I allow comments on my blog, I have set WP to only allow comments by registered members, and those with a previously approved comment. Yet somehow, I’m getting spam comments from unregistered persons with. How is it possible for these spammers to get round the Discussion settings in place and still post comments?

    I have gone in to unapprove the comments, with the view to deleting them later.

    However, a day or so later, I see in my wp-admin panel that these comments’ status are now “Approved” and appearing again on my posts. How and why does this happen and how can I fix this?

    Is there a bug in WP that allows spammers to do this, or has my site been hacked into?

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  • or has my site been hacked into?

    Could be..scan your site at Sucuri:

    Hi Seacoast, thank you for your reply and suggestion.

    I’ve scanned my site at Sucuri and there doesn’t seem to be any issue with hacking. Which is a relief to know, at the least.

    Deactivate all plugins, switch to default unedited theme, recheck comment settings (re-save even if not changing) and try to comment…

    If commenting works as expected now, switch back to theme and re-test commenting.

    If that works OK, activate plugins one at a time, testing commenting after each one is activated.

    If using a caching plugin, clear that cache and deactivate first and re-activate last.

    Thanks again for your reply.

    When I log out from my account and view the WP posts, I am unable to post any comments as the message “You must be logged in to post a comment” and there’s no box for me to type into.

    I’m asking that since I am unable to comment since I’m not logged in, how are these spammers able to post comments without being logged in, or even registered as members on my site (as far as I know, they are not registered members)?

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