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  • hello all,

    Pls I just put up my blog oneline with and I would want to post articles using only the ‘pages feature’ but wont want the posted pages to be alphabetized. I would prefer the most recent page title listed at the top.

    Ive tried re-ordering the pages, but found out the titles are still sorted oon the displayed page. Is there something else to do in the “Page management” panel of the dashboard?
    pls assist

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  • I tried to figure out how to help you… but at the (the address you put in your profile!) I couldn’t see your Pages. Sorry.

    Assuming your theme uses the standard wp_list_pages() template tag to display your Page list, see the info on the ‘sort_column’ and ‘sort_order’ parameters:

    Hi Moshu

    thanks Kafkaesqui,

    what happened is that I have a WP install on my desktop that I use for practice – to help me learn how things work pending the time i’ll get a host.

    Thanks for the weblink to the article…..Yes, I was able to verify that the Page Ordering idea works. I also verified the other codes, as per Menu Listing and Sorting Posts by date(below). I commented them out so I wont forget what they do…

    <? php /* my comments here:Listing of (below) in the order defined by the Page Order setting in the
    Administration > Write > Write Page panel */ ?>

      <?php // wp_list_pages(‘sort_column=menu_order’); ?>

    <? php // Display Pages sorted by post date, and show post date (creation date) next to each Page.?>

      <?php // wp_list_pages(‘sort_column=post_date&show_date=created’); ?>

    <? php //display pages sorted by post date but dont show the date ?>

      <?php wp_list_pages(‘sort_column=post_date’); ?>

    Note: this works on my PC(locally) etc……

    what Im asking is how do I make it work as per blogging online with Using the idea of Page Ordering(assinging an order number to each posted page), the only thing I could do(I think) would be to start from an order number like 100 for the first post and then ill be decreasing it…99, 98, 97 etc, just to make sure the most recent post stays on top. The question is what happens after 100pages?

    is there something like negative number ordering?

    or is there another way to go around it? as in make the most recent(date-wise) page stay on top?


    Hmmmm. Wonder if you can use “desc” in a tag somehow…. I’m no php whiz, but there might be something you could do with that….

    Did you check out the ‘sort_order’ parameter, as I suggest above?

    If you set ‘sort_column’ to menu_order and ‘sort_order’ to DESC, you can start numbering at 1, then increase normally. :)

    hello Kafkaesqui,

    My questions are with reference to getting a blog online with WP, for example. I was just trying things out myself with an installation on my home PC not connected to the internet.

    I just wanted to know if / how to unalphabetize pages so that new and latest pages are at the top.

    Why do you want to use Pages to do exactly what posts would do by default without any complication?

    …so that new and latest pages are at the top.
    That’s exactly waht posts do. Just write them and they always show up in the way you described: newest always on the top.

    But if you have a good reason for displaying your Page listings this way, I explain how you can do this in my Halloween posting above. :)

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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