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  • Been using WordPress for a while now. The current layout is just something I kinda threw together. I would love your opinions on it.

    I’ve been playing around with quite a few plugins and hacks and hope to implement them in the redesign I’m currently working on, but I doubt I finish it anytime soon 🙁

    Anywho.. here’s the current layout.

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  • Pretty nicely thrown together, I must say 🙂 But I think for the background image you have like purple going to pink in blocks, you could try doing a gradual fade, I think that would look nice.

    I was going to do a more gradual gradient background but when I was playing around with it in Paintshop, I decided I kind of liked the bold blocks. The colours could have been better chosen, I admit.

    Well, I uploaded the nearly finished redesign. Normally I wouldn’t upload something that’s not finished but it was 5am when I was uploading and I think my sleep deprived self didn’t realize I hadn’t put on the finishing touches.

    Very nice design.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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